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Interview with Günali Güngör
  • Günali Güngör
  • warehouse manager
  • with FIEGE in Neuss since 2010


What profession did you learn?

After graduating with a technical diploma, I was not sure what I wanted to do. I started my training to become a radio and television engineer, but I quickly realised that was not my calling. Instead, I started my training at FIEGE as a warehouse logistics specialist.

How did you find out about the position at FIEGE?

I had written many job applications. I always did really well and made it onto the shortlist – but the interviews were forever my downfall. After the second or third rejection, my self-confidence was gone. So, when I went for my interview with FIEGE, I stood across a coach with a huge smile on his face. He told me I had the best result that he’d ever seen – and that gave me a lot of strength. I then became quite ambitious and the support that I received from FIEGE really motivated me. My aim for me was to prove during my training what I can do and to this day I am proud that the result from my exams are on display here in the building because I was one of the best trainees.

How did things continue after completing your training?

While in training I could prove that I am willing and able to learn, and that I have a quick grasp. When a position had to be filled in the office, my superiors were confident that I could do the job. I had already spent much more time during training in the office and at the control desk handling operational activities than in order picking. After completing my training, I was given such a position within incoming and outgoing goods. After around half a year only I was entrusted with leading a team and given the opportunity to review and improve process flows.

How were you prepared for this leadership position?

I must admit that I was sort of thrown in at the deep end. But it was time and again communicated to me that I have the qualities that are needed to guide and motivate people. Whenever I had questions, the support was there. That was the great thing about this. My superiors always say: “Günni, not knowing how to do something is not a problem. It’s better to be honest from the start and admit that something is not working. We can then sort that out together.” So, whenever something does not pan out as intended, I have learned to not cover this up and instead to openly and honestly admit that I have made a mistake. And that is precisely how I deal with all colleagues working in my area.

You progressed from the position of team leader, did you not?

Right. I used to say all the time that I want to evolve and started a CPD programme with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce to become a management expert with a focus on logistics. When my then boss accepted a new position, I was offered his job as operations manager. I wasn’t sure at the time if I was ready for it. Again, I was given a slight push and thrown in at the deep end, but also received plenty of encouragement and support.

If you had to describe FIEGE in a single word, what would that be?


How would you describe the interaction here at FIEGE?

Family. (smiles) We are an excellent team that has grown together. Of course, there is the odd misunderstanding. When that happens, you have a cup of coffee together and take care of the issue – like you would in a family. If you need help, you get help. There is a strong feeling of solidarity here. And that’s what I absolutely love about FIEGE. During meetings you can literally feel the combined strength of making a difference – together. It is because of situations like these that I enjoy being a member of the FIEGE family.

During meetings you can literally feel the combined strength of making a difference – together.

Do you find your work exciting?

Yes, definitely! It is a very creative job that offers something new each day. We’re always up for our customers’ many new requests and our goal is to steadily improve process flows and quality, to further increase customer satisfaction.

How do you balance your work?

My wife is my balance – she is my anchor. When I leave work after a stressful day and my mind is filled to the brim, most of it is forgotten as soon as I am with her. We regularly visit our families over the weekend. We are both Turkish and have a large family which lives across the whole of Germany. This year we visited Turkey for the first time as a married couple.

Is there anything you would like to add about FIEGE?

One thing that is great here: we all support each other. If there is something you are really good at, you don’t just keep that to yourself; instead, you share your knowledge. No single person is more important than the other. And I honestly have to say that FIEGE has changed my life a lot. I quickly realised that FIEGE trusts me and supports me. I am not simply one of many here, but I am shown that I matter.