Football for all

150-Jahre-Fan-Choreo beim FIEGE Soccer Cup

Soccer Cup on the big stage: The 150th anniversary edition of the company’s signature football tournament goes down as the biggest event in the history of FIEGE. A venue set against a breath-taking backdrop made up of 3,500 participants is what the Preußen Stadium in Münster was.

It was impossible not to hear those who had arrived to defend their title: before the tournament started, during the official opening of the 17th FIEGE Soccer Cup and again during the presentation of the highly coveted trophies, last year’s winners from Italy clearly set the tone on the grandstand of the Preußen Stadium. And rightly so: the trophy for the best women’s team went for the second time in a row to Venice! In a fierce final against colleagues from Gardno in Poland, Olimpia Nogarole Rocca needed a single goal only to once again ascend to the Mount Olympus of football on planet FIEGE.

Siegerehrung des Damenturniers

The FIEGE Soccer Cup for the best women's team again went to Italy.

As for the men’s team, last year’s winners from Lengerich also laid claim to the title, yet this time around made it to the semi-final only. Frenzied cheers came on the other hand from the Kickers Biblis team when they won the final against colleagues from Reckenfeld only to crown themselves the winners a few weeks after SC Preussen Münster made it to the top of the regional league at the very same spot. No later than at the After Kick Party that followed, where teams and fans came together to celebrate, was it obvious: the FIEGE Soccer Cup is about so much more than football alone.

Siegerehrung der Herren

There is no way around Hesse: Kickers Biblis prevailed in the men's tournament.

Organisational feat

The setting for the FIEGE Soccer Cup could not have been better: Glorious sunshine welcomed a record-breaking 3,500 participants from ten nations at the sportive home of the SC Preußen for one day. 115 registered teams played off during preliminary rounds on twelve small pitches while fans enjoyed bratwurst, French fries, vegetarian burgers, and refreshing beverages to top off the invigorating atmosphere. “The first big thank you goes out to our 150th-anniversary team, all colleagues at our location in Lengerich, and all helpers for the fantastic organisation”, said our Co-CEO, Felix Fiege. “It’s exceptional what they managed to pull off here. This year’s label has anniversary edition marked all over it! We are thrilled to be celebrating with these many colleagues from the entire World of FIEGE here today.”

Begrüßung der Teilnehmenden des FIEGE Soccer Cups

Our Co-CEOs Felix Fiege (r.) and Jens Fiege (m.) tested the mood in the stands during their welcoming speech.

For the final matches, both the teams and the fans moved to the Preußen Stadium where, next to memorable goals and gripping results following the nine-metre shoot-out, a 150th-anniversary fan choreography was also on the agenda. And the Co-CEO, Jens Fiege added: “A big thank you goes to SC Preußen Münster which allowed us to use its stadium to make the anniversary edition of the Soccer Cup something very special. We wish to thank all our colleagues who travelled from near and far this weekend, at times over 1,000 kilometres, to be here. We realise that this isn’t a given. Our special culture defines us – and we are very proud of this incredible team that we have here at FIEGE!”

Fans beim FIEGE Soccer Cup

On the sidelines, hundreds of fans from near and far created a great atmosphere.

Extraordinary team spirit

During the 350 matches played on the pitch, everything was always fair and respectful even if in sportive terms, things got down to the nitty-gritty. That was also thanks in part to the 26 referees who oversaw all matches with integrity. Before the quarter finals and in front of the amazing backdrop that the Preußen Stadium is, there was a special inclusive match played between the Alexianer in Münster and a FIEGE all-star team that ended in a fair draw.

During the award ceremony where the second and first runners-up as well as the winners accepted their respective trophy, there was resounding applause from the ranks. The colleagues from Gardno who had arrived with six male and female teams and plenty of vocal support stood out as the fans creating the most atmosphere. In the end, the trophies were more of a side note to a huge and long football festival. Once again, the Soccer Cup’s headlining motto was all about coming together, about togetherness, and especially about the team spirit at FIEGE.