Sternenland provides grief counselling for children and young adults

Spendenübergabe an den Sternenland e.V.

Sternenland in Telgte welcomes donation from the Josef Fiege Stiftung. The society specialises in grief counselling for children and young adults at its centre. The Sternenland team currently offers counselling to 60 families living in the Münsterland region.

The loss of a loved one is a particular challenge that changes the life of especially children and young adults from one moment to the next. Sternenland e.V. has made it its mission to provide young people with a safe space that is appropriate to their age during their time of grieving and beyond. At the centre, the team of professionals comprised of full-time and volunteer specialists provides free support to children, young adults and their families in the form of group counselling and one-on-one counselling. The Josef Fiege Stiftung recently donated € 2,500 to the society.

Christopher Luig, head of the Sternenland e.V. grief centre, explains: “As a not-for-profit and charitable society, we rely on financial support from the community since neither the government nor the health insurance subsidise grief counselling. We are therefore extremely pleased about the donation given to us by the Josef Fiege Stiftung, which we will use to further expand the creative offer at our grief centre.”

Christoph Mangelmans, member of the executive committee of the Josef Fiege Stiftung, adds: “Grief counselling is a topic that is far too frequently overlooked by our society. Young people in particular need support during the difficult times following the loss of someone near and dear to them. Sternenland offers a support and counselling programme that is geared especially towards children and young adults, which we are happy to donate to.”