Donation to Outlaw child and youth services in the district of Steinfurt

Spendenübergabe an Outlaw

Specialising in services for children and young people, Outlaw welcomes the financial contribution received from the Josef Fiege Stiftung. Outlaw is a Germany-wide provider of child and youth services that runs eleven daycare facilities in the district of Steinfurt alone. Beyond this, the provider offers mobile on-site childrearing and consultation support at primary schools.

The Covid-19 pandemic intensified many societal issues lastingly. The educational and social segment remains heavily affected to this day, with a particularly painful impact on children and young people. As a Germany-wide provider of child and youth services that focuses on supporting childrearing, daycare centres, open children and youth work as well as schooling and education, Outlaw supports children, young people and families in different ways, ranging from childrearing support to city district centres, from school projects to multi-generational offers and much more.

Lack of funding and a rise in costs due to inflation are only two reasons why it is difficult even for Outlaw to implement projects and recreational activities. Therefore, the organisation is pleased to receive a donation from the Josef Fiege Stiftung of € 1,000. The donation was used to fund a range of recreational activities, provide adventure-based learning offers and arrange summertime excursions, for example to the pool or the zoo.

Timo Nubbenholt, head of the Outlaw team, tells us: “Because of the many restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic, we observed a growing issue with, for example, skipping school or even a lack of possibilities in creating one’s free time. We also witnessed a significant increase in the consumption of media. It is therefore even more important to create shared activities and experiences and to allow children and young people to enjoy diverse moments and offer incentives for this. We are therefore very grateful for the donation from the Josef Fiege Stiftung which helps us to do just that.”

Kai Alfermann, member of the executive committee of the Josef Fiege foundation, adds: “We have known Outlaw for a very long time and we are always thrilled to witness the team’s dedication to the children and youths services. We are very happy to have been able to provide a small contribution with our donation, to improve the support made available to children and young people in the district of Steinfurt.”