More space for fashion, healthcare and consumer goods

Fiege neuer Standort

FIEGE is upping capacities. As of mid-2023, the Vienna multi-user centre situated directly in the heart of the city will add around 20,000 square metres of extra space for clients operating in a variety of sectors.


Europe-wide, all-in-one solutions combined with ideal access to Austria’s traffic infrastructure – thanks to years of experience and an excellent location, FIEGE is also a reliable logistics partner in Austria for clients from a range of industries. From warehousing to distribution and transportation, to complex value-added services, the family business from Greven in Germany offers a broad product spectrum in Vienna. “To expand our services offer and create even more space for portfolio clients and new customers, we will be expanding our Vienna headquarters located in the immediate vicinity of the city”, says Michael Jahn, Managing Director at FIEGE Austria GmbH.


Acquisition of site and properties all cut and dried

FIEGE has held title to both the existing site on the street Schusslinie and the adjacent plot on Haidequerstrasse which is to be used for the premises planned since the beginning of the year. Before the acquired site can become home to a new warehouse, the old, derelict production tower of the British consumer goods group Unilever has to be demolished. Demolition works started in October 2021 and construction of the new set-up is expected to begin in spring 2022. “FIEGE Austria is the product of a 1997 outsourcing project by the Austrian Unilever branch, making this a highly symbolic moment”, Jahn reports.


The former production tower of Unilever, which has become derilicted over the years, will make way for the new FIEGE building. (Photo: FIEGE)

Warehouse space will double in size

The add-on with its two levels will create around 20,000 square metres of additional storage area and is expected to be completed in mid-2023 at the latest. The management and offices will also move to the new wing. “The flexible location is just perfect for companies, regardless of their size or sector. We devise future-forward logistics concepts for our clients that accommodate the entire supply chain. FIEGE Austria thus covers the growing demand for city warehouse space and counters the trend of scarce warehouse space”, Jahn adds.