All good things come in threes

FIEGE Weihnachtsexpress bei einem der Gewinner.

The FIEGE Christmas Express rolled through the Münsterland again in 2022 and visited families who especially deserved a little pre-Christmas surprise this year. The gratitude of the recipients was great - and one or two tears were shed.

For the third year in a row, the FIEGE Christmas Express set out on its journey through the Münsterland region last Friday and, as in the past two years, left behind many beaming, surprised and grateful faces along the way. A total of six stops were made, all of which had been selected in advance by the jury from over 50 applicants under the motto "Because you deserve it! The route led from Münster via Greven, Ostbevern and Telgte to Drensteinfurt and Hiltrup. The FIEGE Christmas Express was on the road for a good four hours - and on board to bring the good news: Preußens players Nicolai Remberg and Roman Schabbing.

"We are very pleased that we were able to set up this campaign for the third time with the support of our main sponsor FIEGE and that we were able to give selected people in Münsterland a little joy before Christmas," says SCP managing director Peter Niemeyer, who was also a member of the jury. And he adds: "I'm just as pleased to see that our players take the time during the winter break out of conviction to give a little something back to the people and fans in the region."

Remberg and Schabbing were able to see for themselves at first hand how much giving back worked at the doorsteps of the six recipients. For example, there was the little boy who fought so successfully and bravely against bone cancer in 2022. Or the early retiree who sacrifices himself to help people who have to flee from the war in Ukraine. The young man who has just started his chemotherapy. And there was also, for example, the mother with her two sons who lost their husband and father far too early and suddenly last year.

What united them all was their gratitude for the visit and the little encouragement in a difficult year. And the surprise was written all over their faces when they were each presented with a SC Preußen Münster jersey and a department store voucher worth 800 euros. It was not uncommon for them to shed a tear or two. "There were strokes of fate that you first have to let sink in," explained Preußen top performer Remberg. "But in the end it was also nice to see how happy people were about our visit. That was very special - and it's quite impressive to see how lucky you are when everyone who is important to you is healthy and well.

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