FIEGE’s Equality Power project creates even greater awareness for equal opportunity and works out measures that help to advance employees at FIEGE in more ways than one.

Corporate culture is a matter of utmost priority at FIEGE. But how exactly is it formed? And how does it evolve in an organisation with 23,000 employees? Who or what defines it? And why is how so much more relevant that what? An interview with Alexander Neudorf, Director People & Culture at FIEGE, and the Leadership & Culture associates, Charlotte Heithoff and Dr. Matthias Teine.

You learn from your mistakes – or so they say. However, the basic requisite for this is: Mistakes and their consequences must be made visible and openly addressed without reservations. In-house Fail Forward sessions allow FIEGE to create the starting point for a no-blame culture free of fear.

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FIEGE Italy is changing its role from sub-contractor to principal contractor at the fashion sites in Castel San Giovanni and Stradella. This will benefit employees in particular.