Jens und Felix Fiege receive family entrepreneur of the year award

Urkundenübergabe Fiege

Jens and Felix Fiege, who together have been spearheading FIEGE since 2014 as fifth-generation family members, have received the Family Entrepreneur of the Year award from INTES Academy. The award is presented jointly with FBN Deutschland and the German association of family entrepreneurs, Die Familienunternehmer.


Prof. Dr. Peter May, who chaired the jury, said: “Good governance, an owner-managed family whose humble and highly constructive approach to working together, with the two cousins leading as a strong team is what made a successful generational change possible under dynamic and demanding market conditions.” Jury member and INTES managing director, Dr. Dominik von Au adds: “Jens and Felix Fiege saw this change of generation as am exceptional opportunity to reposition the Fiege family business with future-forward intent and create the premises for long-term growth. They contribute qualities that will be crucial in the future. Alternative viewpoints, ideas, and the mission to lend strategic priority to innovation at all times – when it comes to their constant optimisation and reinvention they stop at neither rebuilding the corporate structure nor – when necessary – tapping outside expertise or even giving young executives an opportunity to shine.”

INTES Akademie has been bestowing the Family Entrepreneur of the Year award since 2004. Award winners include Martin Viessmann (2016), Heinrich Deichmann (2021) or Markus Miele (2009). “We are extremely proud that we are able to follow in the footsteps of such prestigious family enterprises. It goes without saying that we are thrilled about this award”, says Felix Fiege. “We wish to emphasise, however, that this success has been a team effort accomplished by the entire FIEGE team. We accepted this award merely on their behalf. And therefore we would like to say a big thank you to all those who, day in day out, give it their all for the success of our family business.”

Jens Fiege explains: “I also wish to express my gratitude to our entire team! It is also important for us to emphasise that we do not consider the award to be a distinction for something that we have achieved in the past but rather as an acknowledgement of the course that we are pursuing. The award demonstrates to us that we are on the right path – and that motivates us.” The decisive aspect for FIEGE in this is to reinvent itself time and again. “We must remain bold, innovative, and most and for all, open to change”, Jens Fiege adds. “This understanding has a long tradition at our company. Our fathers and the generations before them have always transformed the enterprise, at times radically. We now continue on this path. We are thrilled to have received an award for this, it is quite an honour for us.”

Jens und Felix Fiege receive family entrepreneur of the year award