Ready, set, go: Equality at FIEGE

FIEGE Equality Power

FIEGE’s Equality Power project creates even greater awareness for equal opportunity and works out measures that help to advance employees at FIEGE in more ways than one.

FIEGE Equality Power is an international project that stands for equal opportunity across the entire Group. One particular focus here is currently the advancement of women. The male-dominated logistics industry has quite some catching up to do in this regard. At FIEGE as such, 41 per cent of employees are female – more than two per cent above the industry’s average. But especially at managerial level, there are still too few women even at FIEGE. There are currently no women on the Executive Board; at senior management level, the share of women reaches 18 per cent. “We aim to do one better here. That is why we have worked out a range of different ideas that will not only move more women to join FIEGE, but at the same time offer them the opportunity to advance their professional career”, says Klara Knösels, who heads the FIEGE Equality Power together with Claudia Scheins.

Jens Fiege, CEO of the FIEGE Group, explains: “FIEGE Equality Power is decisive for us in doing away with old patterns, becoming more diverse and promoting an even better culture at our organisation. The logic behind this is simple: When teams are more diverse, they make better decisions which also opens up a much bigger market of skilled managers for us. That is why I am thrilled that we have been pushing equal opportunity as consistently as we have. In the end, everything we do pays towards becoming the best possible employer – and that is precisely our goal. We are on a good path already, but we also realise that this is a never-ending journey.”

Sharing managerial responsibilities: FIEGE’s tandem model

One specific measure here could be the tandem programme which was called to life in 2021. This programme has two people share the same managerial position, usually as a part-time constellation. Claudia Scheins explains: “This is how we enable colleagues to being promoted, and applicants to join us where before, this would not have been possible for them due to time constraints.” But even for existing managers who do not wish to give up their position, the tandem model affords the opportunity to slightly reduce working hours to cater to capacity issues. As a transitional phase before going into retirement, the programme is also ideal to facilitate a thorough onboarding process to successors.

The organisation behind FIEGE Equality Power

FIEGE Equality Power operates in three areas: Attraction and Recruiting is about strengthening the public persona of FIEGE as a solid employer for all genders and attracting new employees; Development and Retention is about supporting everyone at the company with their personal professional career, spotting potential and promoting them; and then there is Mindset, Bias and Transparency. This is where the project team works out concepts to change people’s mindset and deal with possible bias. “To further strengthen this change and implement it across the whole of FIEGE, we devise, amongst other things, an anti-bias training because it is our aim to prevent bias and injustices. The goal is to introduce this anti-bias training as a mandatory programme for all executives by 2023”, says Scheins.

Empower and support

One big advantage: Many colleagues in the World of FIEGE are already familiar with FIEGE Equality Power, which is largely owed to a former initiative, FIEGE Female Force which created the groundwork for this. “In October of last year, a Group-wide project was then created. We are excited to see the readiness and interest regarding this topic and are thrilled that so many colleagues have voiced their willingness to co-develop concepts that promote equal opportunity at FIEGE and thus offer sustainable career opportunities to all”, says Knösels.

Currently, the project team is comprised of 35 women and men who are dealing with concepts on alternative working models, the promotion of colleagues and Mindset Change. Moreover, they are supported by a further 50 so-called supporters and associates that fuel the topic at FIEGE as a voice within the organisation. Overall, it can be said that Everyone is in the same FIEGE Equality Power boat because more equal opportunity and diversity is best achieved together.