FIEGE to take on fulfilment for POLSPOTTEN

FIEGE Logistikzentrum in Westzaan

The logistics company FIEGE has added yet another client from the expanding home décor and furniture segment to its portfolio with the Dutch interior design brand, POLSPOTTEN. FIEGE will provide a new home for this business at its multi-user centre in Westzaan, which is to the north of Amsterdam and where the contract logistics expert is already running operations for the Zuiver Group.

Corporate growth: FIEGE will be handling logistics for the Dutch interior design brand, POLSPOTTEN as from July 2023. At its new multi-user centre in Westzaan is where the Greven-based logistics company will oversee inbound, warehousing, and outbound operations for the B2B and B2C business from Aalsmeer near Amsterdam. POLSPOTTEN was founded in 1986 and offers an exclusive range of interior design products – from home décor accessories and tableware, to sofas, stools, and tables. The relocation of around 5,000 pallets in total is already in full swing.


Timeless design: The POLSPOTTEN collection consists of high-quality designer pieces such as home décor accessories, tableware and furniture, whose storage and handling will be taken over by FIEGE in the future. (photo: POLSPOTTEN)

Victor van Nieuwenhuizen, the CEO at POLSPOTTEN, who runs the company together with Juliette van der Eerden as COO/ CFO says: “POLSPOTTEN is growing fast. We are convinced that for the future of our company it is required that an expert like FIEGE will handle our orders as logistics will be more and more refined and IT driven with drop-shipping, electronic data interchange and B2C requirements. On top of that, FIEGE – just like POLSPOTTEN – greatly values sustainability. With their BREEAM excellent warehouse in Westzaan next to the inland terminals, which allows us to transport our containers via water instead on the road, we take a further step. As FIEGE is a specialist in supply chain solutions with warehouses all over the world, we are hoping to benefit from this in the medium- to long-term for the growing internationalisation of our business. We are excited about our future collaboration and very much look forward to continuing writing our shared success story.”

Managing Team von POLSPOTTEN

Managing team of POLSPOTTEN: Juliette van der Eerden, CFO/COO and Victor van Nieuwenhuizen, CEO. (photo: POLSPOTTEN)

Christoph Mangelmans, Managing Director of the FIEGE Business Unit, Customer Products explains: “We are incredibly grateful for the trust that Juliette van der Eerden, Victor van Nieuwenhuizen and their team have extended to us. Our cutting-edge and sustainable logistics facility in Westzaan provides ideal conditions for a fast-growing and internationally successful brand such as POLSPOTTEN. Because processes for our long-time client, Zuiver are very similar, we are able to create valuable synergies, thereby raising the efficiency of our new partner, POLSPOTTEN to a new level.”

POLSPOTTEN will occupy around 10,000 of the total 40,000 square metres of logistics space at the FIEGE location in Westzaan, which is strategically located on the northern banks of the Port of Amsterdam and only a few kilometres away from Schiphol Airport.