No growing pains

Visualisierung des FIEGE Standorts in Bülach bei Zürich.

In Switzerland, FIEGE is renewing its location in Bülach and investing into the construction of a 17,000-square-metres-large logistics centre near Zurich Airport.

Demolition started back in September 2022 as one of the existing buildings had to make way for a new, ultramodern multi-user centre which is to be built on the same spot over the course of the next two years. Roughly 17,000 square metres here are dedicated to storage and logistics plus an office wing set up across two floors. This is where FIEGE will be offering even more efficient logistical processes to its roughly 30 clients operating within eCommerce, the retail trade and the industry – but most importantly, the chance to grow.

“With this new building, we will be able to target the various requirements of our clients even more specifically. The fact that Zurich Airport is just a stone’s throw away offers optimum access to the Swiss market and increases the location’s appeal”, says Martin Heinrich, Head of Branch at Bülach. On completion in the summer of 2024, roughly 20 per cent of the available space will be occupied by existing clients.

Visualisierung des neuen FIEGE Standortes in Bülach bei Zürich.

The new two-storey building in Bülach is home to both a high-bay store and an AutoStore. The building is expected to be completed in the summer of 2024.

While the ground floor will be home primarily to pallets in high-bay stores, FIEGE will be fitting an AutoStore to the upper floor for an automated process flow. “This remains fully functional even when the air is withdrawn so that, for example, we can store perfume bottles for clients from the cosmetics industry yet are ideally protected against fire”, Heinrich explains. Some 13,000 containers are stored at the facility. That the new logistics centre will be built on the existing plot of land is “an ideal scenario”, according to Heinrich. “Suitable areas for new building projects are rare and hard to find in Switzerland. The proximity to the two logistics centres allows us to generate symbiotic effects”, he adds.

Sustainability will also be taken into account: The new logistics property has been certified to meet the Gold Standard of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). The developer is a Credit Suisse Asset Management property fund which will be realising the building to meet the requirements of FIEGE. The logistics centre shines not only with its future-forward design, but also its impressive energy efficiency. A large share of these requirements comes from captive energy generated by the photovoltaic system. The demand-actuated LED lighting system and air heating pump contribute to this and on top of this, create optimum working conditions. “We will want our colleagues to enjoy working here. That is why offices infused with light and inviting recreational rooms are a must. An absolute highlight is surely also the large rooftop terrace”, says Heinrich.