"Because you deserve it": FIEGE xmas express travels across the Münsterland

Fiege Weihnachtsexpress

SC Preußen Münster and its main sponsor, FIEGE teamed up for some pre-Christmas surprises. “Because you deserve it” is the motto of FIEGE’s Xmas express which will be calling on 6 families in Münster and the surrounding areas. Preußen’s captain, Julian Schauerte and the goal-getter, Gerrit Wegkamp are also on board this year. “Many families in our region were hit hard this year and had to face a severe blow of fate. Then there are others who showed tremendous dedication to helping their fellow citizens. It is those we would like to bring a little joy to during the Advent season”, says Fiege Executive Board member, Martin Rademaker.


The fans will decide just who the two Preußen players will be visiting in week three of the Advent season with the shuttle bus, to hand over an SCP football jersey and a department store voucher worth EUR 800 during a meet&greet. “Those wishing to say thank you to someone from their circle of friends and acquaintances, or simply bring a smile to their faces can nominate them by December 6, St. Nicholas Day. We expect to receive many fabulous proposals”, Rademaker explains.

The fact that the FIEGE Xmas express has been making its rounds for the second time now is also cause for great joy with Preußen’s Sports Director, Peter Niemeyer: “As a club and especially with our two key players, Julian Schauerte and Gerrit Wegkamp who are also fathers of a family, we wish to contribute our share to this wonderful pre-Xmas campaign. We remember just how much joy we were able to gift with this last year, and that is a matter which is very close to our heart during these times which are so difficult for families.”

Be sure to submit your proposals before 6 December 2021 (11:59 pm). A jury of representatives from both the club and the company, including not only Martin Rademaker and Peter Niemeyer but also the President of Preußen football club, Christoph Strässer as well as Sarah Schimmelpfennig, Head of Marketing & Communications at FIEGE, will choose from the submissions. The winning candidates will be notified by Sunday, 12 December 2021.

Click here for the application form: https://world.fiege.com/preußen-weihnachtsexpress.