Fiege Academy goes big and digital

Kollegen der Fiege Academy in einem Meeting

“Let’s grow! Learn & develop together” is the next-level maxim defining continued professional development at FIEGE. The project initiated in 2020 with this motto aims to establish the FIEGE Academy as an international platform. In future, the entire organisation as well as the booking and implementation of e-learning programmes, right down to inpresent training will be possible via the Academy and its affiliated software.

The encouragement and qualification of employees have always been a core issue for FIEGE. The previous training programme, which consisted of tried and tested CPD formats that the branches would complement by customising their respective elements, has always been considered the key component. With the launch of the new FIEGE Academy, a big step is about to be taken.

Claudia Scheins, Head of Learning & Development and a member of the Corporate HR team under Alexander Neudorf, Director Human Resources, is responsible for the implementation of the learning platform: “Employees are extremely motivated”, so Scheins’ pleased response regarding the cooperation in the project.

fiege Academy Mitarbeiter Operative

Digitalisation and internationalisation of the FIEGE Academy will enable all employees to access study content whenever and wherever they want to. (Foto: FIEGE)

Comprehensive programme

The Academy is more than a learning platform. The improved offer is not only to train employees professionally, but also to help them grow personally and evolve. One of the benefits of the digital tool is that the continued professional education offer has clearly increased. Content relating to different subject areas like IT or cross-departmental knowledge on project management can be prompted there, as can traditional seminars, workshops, CPD programmes and tools for talent management.

All employees may access different tutorials regardless of time and place. “By improving availability and adding many internal as well as external training offers, a new central hub has been created which is dedicated to a positive learning experience and professional advancement here at Fiege”, so Scheins’ expectations about the Academy.

Greater flexibility on three levels

The platform encompasses a “triad of commitment”, as formulated by those responsible for learning and development. One level leans on a personalised learning path for each employee that is prepared together with the superiors. Another includes mandatory training on such subjects as data protection or the protection of labour, which are now much easier to schedule. On a third level, the Academy creates space for independent initiatives so that many different formats allow the participants to decide for themselves when and where which contents are to be acquired.

However, the Academy is not a genuine online tool only. Instead, all CPD options are explored with the addition of in-presence events and hybrid formats. “Certain topics are simply easier to convey in presence”, Scheins knows from experience. Therefore, next to training on site at the branches, a local training centre is planned in the medium run as a meeting place where employees can enjoy a shared learning experience.

Decentralised process flows and needs

At the moment, the project’s pilot phase is underway at the Fiege locations in Mönchengladbach, Biblis, Schmedehausen, Hamburg, and Greven. Over 130 training programmes are accessible through this pilot version. By the end of 2022, all employees in Germany are to have access to the learning platform. The gradual inclusion of specific processes and needs by the business units and locations has also been taken into consideration.

“We are thrilled to receive tremendous support from many different directions and are pleased that not only the Executive Board has recognised the relevance of a continued professional development and therefore of our Academy project, but also that the business units and service functions are happy to contribute to this project. And we would like to say thank you to everyone involved”, Neudorf adds with pride.

A look towards the future

The international roll-out is planned for 2023. By then, capacities should have been created that can tie in the more than 20,000 Fiege employees. Simultaneously, the dynamic system is to be further professionalised over the years to come and consolidated with plenty of FIEGE know-how.

Ultimately, the new Academy, in light of changing demands, creates innovative and constantly growing qualification offers. This will allow Fiege to continue to set new standards in competition. By educating, qualifying, developing, and encouraging all employees, a relevant contribution is made to achieve the corporate goals while simultaneously cultivating and strengthening the employer brand.