Order Management:
Orchestrate order processes in a customer-centred and flexible way.




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We move, supply and change the world with innovative Ecologistics.

As a company, we have a responsibility towards the environment and society. We constantly reflect on our actions as we aim to become better and more sustainable – step by step. Our long-term goal is to hand the family business to the next generation as a climate-neutral enterprise of solid financial standing. To achieve this, we do our best, every day.

In this regard, we as the FIEGE Group are issuing a declaration of principles on Human Rights. This is in addition to the FIEGE Group's Code of Conduct, which is the basis of our cooperation with our employees and also of our contractual relationships with our customers and suppliers.

In every step: Optimised processes for your customers.

The customer places his order online in the shopping basket

  • Checking product availability
  • Increasing product availability
  • Identifying the optimum stock level
  • Predicting the delivery time
  • Reservation of the necessary stock

Distributed order management for optimised inventory utilisation and cost efficiency


The customer places the order

  • Transmission of order data from various sales channels
  • Checking the data for errors
  • Payment check via FIEGE payment solution

Dynamic creation of all relevant documents - legally compliant, customisable & international

  • Invoices
  • Delivery notes
  • Vouchers
  • Returns notes



Control and processing of payment flows for all payment methods

  • Payment integration (PSP)
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Accounts receivable accounting
  • Legally compliant, auditable and international payment processing
  • Own "purchase on account" solution
  • Risk & fraud management

Flexible integration of payment methods to enhance the customer experience.



Handover of the order to the correct logistics location

  • Integration of WMS systems
  • Fulfilment
  • Value Added Services
  • Handover to the carrier
Übernahme Logistik

Dispatch communication to the end customer

  • Customisable shipping confirmation incl. delivery note & returns note
  • Tracking link for shipment tracking



Various processes are started in the course of a return

  • Notification of the reason for return to OMS
  • Start of the refund process
  • Confirmation of return to end customer
  • Information to Customer Service in the event of irregularities

Customer service throughout the entire purchasing process

  • Access to all relevant order and logistics data
  • Multilingual multi-channel communication (email, chat & telephone)
  • Product advice & telesales
  • Customer engagement solutions (FAQ, chatbot etc.)


The customer generates their shopping basket


Processed in the backend

Document creation

Legally compliant, customisable & international


Control and processing


Handover of the order


Dispatch communication


Start of different processes

Customer Service

Along the entire purchasing process

Adapts to the needs of your business.


Omnichannel Technologie des Einzelhandels
Complex order processes require intelligent control
  • Central orchestration of all order processes - omnichannel
  • OMS as a business orchestrator
Laptop mit Netzwerkverbindungen, die die Modularität darstellen sollen
Transparency for effective (customer) communication
  • Dashboards as the basis for process, system & service optimisation
  • Customer Engagement Services
Kundenservice erhält positive Rezension
Modular services for flexible process design
  • Automated control of individual, required services
  • Combination of the best tools & services on the market
Mann hält Bankkarte und Handy in der Hand und kauft online ein
Simple integration
  • Easy connection of additional eCommerce services and legacy systems
  • No setup costs for individual services

6 steps to your start with FIEGE OMS

Not sure how to get started with our order management system? Our order management experts will be happy to take over for you and keep your back free. We will set up the appropriate process in just 6 simple steps:

  •  Arrange a free appointment with our sales team
  •  Signing a contract
  •  Documents & access
  •  Onboarding
  •  Test phase
  •  Go Live

Contact us free of charge & get advice

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How many warehouses and stores can be connected?

There is no limit. As many stationary shops and warehouses can be connected as desired.

What is Unified Stock?

Unified Stock enables a holistic view of all stocks, regardless of where the goods are located.

Which omnichannel solutions are possible?

All common solutions, such as Ship from Store, Click & Collect, Return in Store, etc.

What are the advantages of Distributed Order Management for me as a retailer?

As a retailer, you can achieve the highest product availability in your online shop with Distributed Order Management. Any stock can be sold, no matter where it is located.

What happens during order orchestration?

Individual sets of rules can be defined by the retailer to determine which warehouse/store should fulfil the order.

Which documents can FIEGE cover?

All documents relevant to the purchasing process, such as invoices, delivery notes, returns slips or credit notes. If you are interested in other document types, please contact us at any time.

Which languages can FIEGE cover when creating documents?

All languages are possible.

Which currencies and payment methods can FIEGE cover?

In principle, all currencies and all common payment methods are possible in online business.

How much effort is involved in activating new payment methods?

We act as a payment orchestrator - this means that all possible payment methods can be set up with little effort.

Does FIEGE also offer the dunning process for purchase on account?

Yes, the retailer can decide how the process should be set up. As a rule, a payment reminder is sent by email after a few days, followed by two further letters, which often contain a reminder fee, before the case is handed over to the debt collection partner.

Which languages can FIEGE cover in Customer Service?

German and English as standard. We can also currently offer Polish, French, Dutch, Spanish and Italian.  If you are interested in other languages, please contact us at any time.

Which channels does FIEGE offer in addition to telephony and e-mail?

In addition to the standard communication channels, we also offer chat, WhatsApp and social media.

What are the standard opening hours of FIEGE's Customer Service? Is Saturday also covered in the basic setup?

The opening hours for our basic set-up are from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00. The times can be flexibly varied by one hour. Saturday can be booked as an option.