FIEGE publishes first sustainability report

FIEGE Nachhaltigkeitsbericht

The FIEGE Group has pledged its commitment to becoming carbon neutral and has now published its first sustainability report. The report is informed by the internationally recognised Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and refers to the financial year 2022. In anticipation of the mandatory EU regulations which will come into effect starting 2025, it aims to create transparency for clients, partners, and other stakeholders.

The FIEGE Group has published its very first sustainability report in the year in which it celebrates its 150th anniversary. The report details all measures which the family business pursues in relation to sustainability at an economic, environmental, and social level. Also, FIEGE reveals its first-ever company-wide carbon footprint based on the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol.

In the year of the report, 2022, FIEGE was able to mitigate direct Scope 1 emissions for all locations as well as its own vehicles, and indirect Scope 2 emissions from purchased energy compared with 2021 by 34 per cent, to 39,990 tonnes of CO2 equivalents. The relevant reason for this was the switch to renewable energy for electrical power purchased for the FIEGE locations as well as the use of LED lighting on more than 1.2 million square metres of logistics space. The Greven-based logistics company achieved more savings by installing new photovoltaic systems on the rooftops of its logistical buildings. In 2022, FIEGE’s production was just under 1.4 million kilowatt hours for captive use and public grid feed-in.

“It is our goal to pass a climate neutral family business to the next Fiege generation”, says Felix Fiege, Co-CEO of the FIEGE Group who manages the company – now five generations strong – together with his cousin, Jens Fiege. “With this our first sustainability report, we wish to give our clients, partners, further stakeholders as well as all colleagues insight into the sustainability initiatives, projects, and solutions that we are already involved in and working on. Naturally, we will also look at the challenges in the years ahead that we will need to overcome together.”

The report is based on FIEGE’s sustainability strategy which the company has structured into three fields of action with a total of seven focus topics. Jens Fiege explains: “Our mission is to equally take into consideration accountable and sustainable corporate governance, the earth-friendly use of resources, as well as the best possible working conditions and development opportunities for our colleagues. We aim to continuously improve our sustainability performance – and our sustainability report creates the necessary transparency to review our pathway year-on-year anew.”

Sandra Achternbusch, Executive Director Corporate Sustainability at FIEGE adds: “In the future, we will further intensify our sustainability efforts. Currently we are working towards recording our business activities in an even more detailed manner, encompassing both upstream and downstream activities of the value chain.” Moreover, FIEGE keeps looking for ways “which will bring us another step closer to our declared goal of climate neutrality”, Achternbusch says, further emphasising that “we can only navigate these future challenges if we work together. And that explains why we feel so fortunate about the close, trustworthy co-operation with our clients and partners.”

For more information about FIEGE’s sustainability strategy and to download the sustainability report, go here: