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Thinking about tomorrow today.

We are shaping the future of logistics. Over several generations, we have reinvented our family business time and again to maintain lasting and sustainable success. The crucial component to continually growing our innovative strength and setting new impulses is our innovation triple, which is best summed up as: Build and invest in the next big things!

  • Innovation ecosystem: We remain innovative and advance new business models with our in-house innovation coaches and the FIEGE Innovation Challenge. 
  • XPRESS Ventures: Our company builder promotes technology-driven ideas both in-house and out-of-house. 
  • F-LOG Ventures: Our independent venture capital fund provides smart money for tech start-ups that solve logistical issues creatively.


FIEGE Innovation Challenge.

Do you have a promising idea that could revolutionise the logistics market? Then be sure to take part in our Innovation Challenge. Our ventures experts are on hand to help you start your business model.

May the venture begin.

We are innovation. We offer founders across the entire start-up life cycle attractive possibilities to collaborate with and access 150 years of logistical experience.

Digitalisation, automation, and more.

We are on the path to becoming a data-driven company. Modern IT and novel technology allow us to offer our customers ever more innovative services.