XPRESS Ventures invests in Logistikbude

Gründerteam von Logistikbude

The FIEGE Company Builder, XPRESS Ventures added the Dortmund-based start-up, Logistikbude to its portfolio. The seed funding for the platform for automatic management of loading equipment management amounted to 2.2 million euros.

XPRESS Ventures has successfully led a seed funding for the software company Logistikbude. The Dortmund-based start-up is developing an innovative platform for the automated unit load management of returnable containers. As lead investor, the company builder of the FIEGE Group, together with Rethink Ventures and other co-investors, provided a total of 2.2 million euros, which Logistikbude will use for the further development of its technology as well as the scaling in the market.

“Currently, about 2 per cent of the logistics industry's workforce is involved in unit load carrier management. Nevertheless, a not inconsiderable proportion of pallets, boxes and the like are lost each year. This is not only bad from a sustainable point of view, but also creates enormous inefficiencies as well as rising personnel and capital costs. Our technology provides the necessary remedy here by optimising the data basis across all stakeholders and thus enabling unprecedented transparency - across all providers and carriers”, Dr Philipp Hüning, co-founder and CEO of Logistikbude explains.

The platform-based solution of Logistikbude follows a three-step approach: first, all relevant data-related information is consolidated and presented transparently to customers. On this basis, an algorithm developed over several years then identifies the efficiency gains in exchange and transport processes. In the final step, the software then handles the cross-interface coordination with partners, customers and suppliers. The company has already acquired more than 15 well-known international companies as customers. The latest financing round, in which XPRESS Ventures and Rethink Ventures as well as the existing investor FTTF (Fraunhofer Technologie Transfer Fonds), the business angel club better ventures, SB21 and the founders of ProGlove with OMA Ventures participated, is intended to further expand this network.

Matthias Friese, Managing Partner at XPRESS Ventures says: “In our view, Logistikbude combines the value creation hypotheses of a modern logistics process, in this case for load carriers, to serve the operational requirements of today and tomorrow: data-driven efficiency and transparency in terms of performance and costs, while at the same time achieving measurable savings in the consumption of natural resources and the emission of CO2 through inefficient transports. We are very pleased to accompany the team together with our co-investors and also to be able to draw on the expertise of the FIEGE Group."