FIEGE implements autostore project in Greven-Reckenfeld

Luftaufnahme FIEGE Mega Center Greven-Reckenfeld

The contract logistics expert is automating its storing and order picking of small parts. The new autostore features over 75,000 bins as well as intelligent robots and packaging technology.

The FIEGE Group is advancing the automation of its logistics sites and has set up an autostore at the Mega Center in Greven-Reckenfeld. The storage system can be upgraded and currently offers space for 75,000 bins. Initially, it will be equipped with 33 robots and eleven ports to accommodate around 1,000 bin presentations per hour. The Greven-based logistics company establishes new scaling options with this, creating clearly greater flexibility for the tool e-tailer, Contorion. The autostore is scheduled to launch in summer of this year.

Tobias Tschötsch, Managing Director Contorion says: “As an e-tailer specialised in professional tools and workshop supplies, we offer the best product range with over 500,000 products of renowned brands for small and medium-sized enterprises working in trades and in the industry. To meet short-term orders and ensure a high degree of customer satisfaction, fast, reliable fulfilment is essential to us. By building the autostore, FIEGE created ideal conditions for us to provide the best possible service to our growing customer base.”

FIEGE has been overseeing eCommerce fulfilment for Contorion at its multi-user location in Greven since 2019. The agreement on the collaboration was recently renewed until 2027. Meike Schmidt-Krenz, Managing Director FIEGE Business Unit Consumer Products explains: “The D2C business continues to grow unbridled. The maximum availability of goods and greatest possible throughput capacity are decisive factors. The autostore is perfectly suited for the storing and order picking of small items. It will provide a fully-automated solution which will allow us to meet our customers’ requirements even faster and better.”

The autostore will be built on a base area of 2,000 square metres. To facilitate the most efficient operation possible, an intelligent pick-and-place robot plus a cutting-edge 3D packaging installation have been connected to the system. FIEGE even took the future growth plans of the digital marketplace for trade and industry supplies into consideration during construction. Jens Veltel, FIEGE Engineering adds: “The plans for doubling bin capacities and thus for multiplying the dynamic throughput while operations are ongoing are ready waiting in the drawer and can be scaled flexibly at any time.”