FIEGE readies logistical areas for emergency supplies

Apfelstädt Standort Luftaufnahme

Emergency warehouses to secure supply chains while Flexfillment online platform swiftly arranges warehouse space.

The logistics company FIEGE is actively preparing a concept which secures the flow of critical goods throughout Europe should the coronavirus continue to spread. This includes pharmaceutical as well as medical supplies, food and crucial production materials for the industry.

The concept encompasses different locations of the company throughout Germany and Europe, including the facility in Apfelstädt in Thuringia. “Our HealthCare experts ensure that the highest standards are implemented to secure the supply of materials in the event of an emergency”, Dirk Berlemann, Managing Director FIEGE HealthCare Logistics says.

The geographical spread of the selected logistics centres provides an excellent infrastructure to guarantee the prompt delivery of critical supplies. Those warehouses are to be refitted to offer special protection to employees and transports.

“We are providing buffering capacities on short notice and our process flows and IT systems are able to integrate items and material groups on the spot”, Martin Rademaker, member of the FIEGE Executive Board says. “Due to the current spread of the coronavirus we have developed a concept to our clients which safeguards the supply of crucial products. We therefore offer our clients the possibility to store contingency supplies at different locations throughout Europe, in order to access these stocks if things turn serious”, Rademaker adds.

Measures to protect employees and to secure the continuity of business operations have already been initiated at other points within the company.