Support for work by children’s hospice in the Münsterland

Spendenübergabe der Josef Fiege Stiftung an die Königskinder

As an outpatient hospice care service for children, Königskinder welcomes the financial contribution received from the Josef Fiege Stiftung. The team of the Münster-based organisation offers care and comfort to children and teenagers suffering from a terminal illness by providing a broad range of help services to them and their families.

It is difficult to comprehend why young people in particular fall ill and pass before their time is up. It is even more important to provide comfort and assistance to families with a child or teenager that have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. This very kind of invaluable support is provided by Königskinder, an outpatient hospice care service based in Münster. Its offer includes family support, sibling support groups and dedicated support meetings for mothers and fathers. Currently, the team comprised of full-time and volunteer members, is in contact with over 70 families in the Münsterland. The Josef Fiege Stiftung contributes to the charitable work of Königskinder with a donation of € 1,000.

Sabine Wetzel, who volunteers for the organisation’s PR and shuttle service of the hospice care, Königskinder, accepted the donation on behalf of the organisation’s educational head, Katrin Beerwerth, and explained: “We provide care and comfort for the young and their families on their long and difficult path from the diagnosis of an illness to the passing of one’s loved one, and beyond. As an outpatient hospice care, we provide our free offer to those concerned in the comfort of their home. To do this, the society relies on the dedication of volunteer helpers and outside funding. We are extremely grateful for the donation from the Josef Fiege Stiftung.”

Martina Schlottbom, member of the executive committee of the Josef Fiege Stiftung, emphasises: “Young people falling terminally ill presents a blow to the entire family. Organisations like Königskinder which provide much-needed support to those concerned during such difficult times, are therefore invaluable. We are very pleased to support the hospice care for children and teenagers in the Münsterland region.”