FIEGE founds company builder XPRESS Ventures

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Xpress Ventures builds digital companies for the logistics sector of tomorrow

XPRESS Ventures, FIEGE’s company builder, launched in 2019 as FIEGE’s very own brand. It is a further building block in the FIEGE Group’s investment strategy which strives to systematically advance technology-driven ideas from within its own organisation as well as external founders. XPRESS Ventures aims to combine the network and logistical know-how of FIEGE with scalable business models as best as possible. The division is headed by the seed founder and digital expert, Matthias Friese. In addition, XPRESS Ventures has strengthened its team with Adrian Graf as partner and COO, in order to quickly bring the existing 6-member team on a growth course.

“Innovation is a strategic priority at our company. FIEGE keeps reinventing itself and to do so, it needs next to the ideas of its own employees also innovative impulses from the outside”, Jens Fiege, CEO of the FIEGE Group says. “We are convinced that XPRESS Ventures will allow us to contribute our experience, expertise, and innovative strength to new business models – to shape the future of logistics.”

XPRESS Ventures is part of FIEGE Ventures and a crucial element in the answer to a growing level of digitalisation and automation in logistics, which by now has reached the entire value chain. “At its core, XPRESS Ventures aims to create a platform for the entrepreneurial potential inherent in FIEGE employees as well as external founders. The made-to-measure programme covers everything from generating ideas about the formation of a business, to scaling in the market”, Matthias Friese adds. Next to operational mentoring, networking in start-up ecosystems, and access to FIEGE’s infrastructure, XPRESS Ventures incorporates enterprises together with the respective start-up teams and oversees the steps that lead to a funding round.

With a head office at Berliner Maschinenraum – a co-working space home to over 20 known mid-sized enterprises – XPRESS Ventures targets a close exchange with young talent from top universities, founders, and investors. Matthias Friese: “My theory: mid-sized enterprises are our Silicon Valley. We just don’t know that yet. With XPRESS Ventures, we provide an ideal environment for idea generators and founders here at FIEGE, and who knows we may just come up with the next big thing in logistical technology.” The current portfolio includes next to the fulfilment provider Zenfulfillment, a quality management portal – Opticert – and Angel Last Mile.

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