Bünting partners with FIEGE subsidiary, ANGEL bringt’s for sustainable parcel delivery

Garant für kundenfreundliche und nachhaltige Auslieferung: ANGEL bringt’s.

The Bünting Group of Companies from East Frisia optimises its Germany-wide delivery service for its online supermarket, myTime.de. ANGEL bringt’s, a FIEGE subsidiary, will make sustainable deliveries for the Bünting trading company using reusable distribution boxes.

The Bünting Group of Companies has gained a sustainable delivery service partner in the FIEGE subsidiary, ANGEL bringt’s for the Germany-wide delivery of orders placed via its online supermarket, myTime.de. The goal of the new partnership is to design an even more earth-friendly, customisable parcel delivery service to create the best possible delivery experience for its customers. For this, Bünting and ANGEL bringt’s use reusable distribution boxes based on ISO standards and ensure fast delivery at the preferred delivery time.

Helge-Christian Eilers, Managing Director SCM & eCommerce at Bünting explains: “As a premium delivery service, ANGEL bringt’s has special last mile expertise. Moreover, as a subsidiary of the FIEGE Group, it works with a large logistics network. A fast delivery service within the preferred time window lets us offer greater flexibility and convenience – and even more sustainability than ever – to our customers in the future. Reducing the share of packaging is an ongoing focus for us, not only for ecological reasons alone, but also from an economic perspective.”


Guarantor for customer-friendly and sustainable delivery: ANGEL bringt’s.

ANGEL bringt’s delivers food fast using earth-friendly reusable distribution boxes which are also ideal to transport fresh as well as deep-frozen products. Customers can enjoy same-day delivery of their orders at the preferred time directly on their doorstep. ANGEL bringt’s then takes the reusable distribution boxes that hold refrigerated products back again. Axel Niessner, CEO of the FIEGE subsidiary, says: “We look forward to this new partnership. Like Bünting, ANGEL also pursues the goal of centring on the customer. Together, we will be offering an even better, more earth-friendly delivery experience in the future.”

And Eilers adds: “The logistics network of the FIEGE Group is equipped to handle the Germany-wide delivery to almost all mid-sized and large cities across the country for us. This will allow us to uphold our centralised logistical structures across the whole of Germany without generating large volumes of packaging for our customers.” From fresh meat to deep-frozen pizzas to beverages, myTime.de customers can choose online from a range of over 13,000 different items.

The first customer orders have already been delivered: The service has been available in the Greater Ruhr area in North Rhine-Westphalia since 27 March – and Niessner and Eilers announce: “We will gradually be adding more cities, which will be announced through advertising.”