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An unfair advantage for pre-seed start-ups


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Capital, networks and know-how from founders, for founders.

LogTech founders operate across two worlds. They need a logistical infrastructure, expertise and partnerships plus digital competence, technology and venture capital. XPRESS Ventures brings together these qualities to invest pre-seed capital into the most scalable LogTech start-ups, building companies based on our own business models.

  • Funding: We invest in pre-seed or seed phases. Our metrics are oriented towards early-phase venture capitalists. 
  • Operations: We create access to global logistics. Our FIEGE experts facilitate a far-reaching infrastructure within fulfilment, transportation and value-added services. 
  • Scalability: We are both an experienced partner and mentor. Our founders maintain control and offer assistance with strategic as well as game-changing decisions.

Our assets

To us, company building is a multi-layer process. It is our goal to accompany the formation and scalability of your start-up as best as possible.

(Pre-) Seed Capital

We aim for participation via pre-seed financing. This upholds your operational founder majorities and keeps your start-up eligible for VC funding.

Raising Funds

As a strategic partner, we support your efforts to raise funds with the help of our far-reaching VC network connections.


Our support extends to areas such as supply-chain conceptualisation, warehousing, fulfilment, transportation and last mile.


In collaboration with top-level partners from PR and marketing, legal, tech and headhunting, we help you set up and scale your start-up.


We pro-actively mentor you on all processes throughout your start-up phase.

LogTech Ecosystem

We promote an exchange with other start-ups and offer access to logistics experts and venture capitalists.

Our partners: With a far-reaching network, our start-ups are given access to PR, advisory, marketing, and talent.


An ecosystem for founders

XPRESS Ventures offers (pre-) seed funding plus a far-reaching network with renowned venture capitalists, talent, and partners.

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