Zero-emission transportation: FIEGE introduces first electric trucks


From today onwards, the logistics company FIEGE will be using electric trucks. The battery-powered vehicles will be in operation for the Healthcare and Fast Moving Consumer Goods business units at four locations. They are expected to help FIEGE move one crucial step closer to its declared goal of climate neutrality.

The FIEGE Group from Greven in Westphalia has obtained its first four electric trucks. FIEGE will be using the battery-powered vehicles, model Volvo FH as well as Designwerk’s High Cab for its regional transport needs for a range of clients at its locations in Münster, Biblis, Bocholt and Rangsdorf for FTL and LTL. The electric tractor units have been leased from FIEGE’s Greven-based partner, Greiwing Truck & Trailer GmbH (GTT). A fifth truck is expected to join the fleet soon.

Felix Fiege, Co-CEO of the FIEGE Group who has been running the fifth-generation family business with his cousin, Jens Fiege, tells us: “It is our mission to develop the most sustainable logistic solutions together with our clients on our path to becoming a carbon neutral enterprise. Especially in the transport segment where we face major challenges when it comes to protecting the environment, we resolutely look for ways to lower the impact on our climate. The use of our first zero-emission electric trucks brings us one important step closer to this goal. We are excited to see how the battery-powered vehicles will prove themselves in everyday use.”

Hannes Streeck, Managing Director Fast Moving Consumer Goods, the FIEGE business unit that will be using three of these vehicles, adds: “Our aim is to shape a completely sustainable chain for our logistics solutions. Our logistics centres are already powered exclusively by green energy, and now our focus has moved to the transportation sector. In future, we will thus be moving emissions-free for our clients regardless of their respective distribution structures. We will be re-investing the sales proceeds into our sustainable vehicle fleet, to successfully transition to full-scale eco-friendly eco-logistics step by step.”

FIEGE tec co-ordinated the procurement of the electric trucks. Three of the four tractor-trailers are by Volvo, with the fourth truck by Designwerk Technologies also building on the technology from the Swedish truck maker. Thanks to batteries with a net capacity of 450 kilowatt hours, the vehicles have a reach of up to 300 kilometres. To ensure the sufficient supply of power, FIEGE will be installing high-performance fast charging stations in Münster, Biblis, Bocholt and Rangsdorf which can output up to 150 kilowatt hours. Heinrich Schorn, Head of Transport at FIEGE, says: “Bringing our first electric trucks onto the road is a priceless milestone of our e-mobility strategy. We are intentionally testing the electric truck fleet in four different regions and within two business units, to extract findings on different traffic infrastructures, client and transport requirements as well as the impact within our supply chain.”


The electric trucks are funded by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) as part of the funding program for climate-friendly commercial vehicles and infrastructure (KsNI). The funding guideline is coordinated by NOW GmbH, and applications are approved by the Federal Logistics and Mobility Office (BALM).