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Interview with Lara Hüser
  • Lara Hüser
  • apprentice office management
  • with FIEGE in Marklkofen since 2018


Could you describe your tasks?

I take on general office management tasks, but also the planning and organization of business trips and evaluations for our customer. I also design banner ads for the football field and I am responsible for social media actions at our branch.

Why did you decide to train at FIEGE?

In the 10th grade, I applied to several companies. At FIEGE, I was first invited to a job interview and then for a two-day internship. During this internship, I was able to get to know my future tasks and my trainer. I really liked it and accepted the job offer. The colleagues I work with were already helpful back then, I liked the tasks and the branch manager was very nice from the beginning.

What do you particularly like about your apprenticeship?

Definitely the kind and helpful colleagues. I can always turn to anyone if I have a question. But also the exciting and challenging tasks that I get during my apprenticeship. I appreciate that I am trusted to carry out evaluations for our customer. To do this, I evaluate every month, which logistical defects have occurred and what should be improved.


I appreciate how much trust I receive.

Which departments are you getting to know during your apprenticeship?

At the moment, I am working in the secretary’s office and in the purchasing department at the same time, as Marklkofen is only a small branch. I also had the opportunity to gain an insight into human resources and controlling already.

Who is supporting you?

Every Thursday, I have a regular meeting with our branch manager. This is where we discuss several topics and I also get feedback on my tasks from both, the branch manager and my trainer. It is very helpful to hear what I do well and in what fields I could approve. Learning from mistakes is a huge blessing during apprenticeships like mine.

Would you like to stay with FIEGE after your apprenticeship?