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FIEGE Innovation Challenge

Idea Contest Logistics of the Future

How to apply

We invite all students and employees of FIEGE to let the exciting possibilities of our times inspire them. Apply as a team or as a lone wolf and allow your innovation to design the future.

Challenge accepted? Then simply answer our questionnaire to create the foundation for your new business model. Feel free to include additional documents with your application.

How to take off

A jury comprising the owners of FIEGE and members of the top management will examine the potential inherent all submissions.

The most promising business models will make it to the light pitch. This is your time to shine and introduce your idea in person! You will be given many valuable tips on how to refine your concept and can discuss open questions.

Those who manage to make a case for themselves during the light pitch will be given the opportunity to convince the jury and the audience of their idea during the final pitch event. The most convincing business model will win the FIEGE Innovation Challenge.

How to benefit

The winner or the winning team can expect € 5,000 in prize money plus the opportunity to advance the business model together with FIEGE.

Participating alone is already a win/win for all contestants! Because each contestant will gain valuable experience about how to create a business plan and will become part of an innovative network comprising creative minds and those who make the world of FIEGE.

How to get started

How will warehousing and transport change in the context of a shared economy? How is it possible to combine and optimise parcel delivery services and returns during times of high urban traffic? How can data help to create more efficient logistics? How can data generated in logistics be used elsewhere? How do networks and platforms change the world of logistics?

Questions like these are possibly the key to your business model. The idea should largely revolve around the topic of logistics. Next to classic disciplines like storage and transport, big data, urbanisation, platforms and many other areas play into this. It is about the future of the industry.


  • Deadline for applications


    Apply using this questionnaire and your own papers.

  • Longlist


    The most exciting submissions will make it to the light pitch.

  • Light-Pitch


    Those who are longlisted are given 10 minutes to convince the jury in person.

  • Shortlist


    Make a case for yourself during the light pitch and secure your spot at the final pitch event.

  • Pitch-Event


    Inspire the audience and the jury during an additional 10-minute pitch to decide the challenge in your favour.

  • Implementation

    Post-pitch event

    Following the award ceremony, it’s time to implement the winning idea.


Still have questions about the FIEGE INNOVATION CHALLENGE? Here’s where you get answers:

Maike Rüdingloh
02571 999 803


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