Information update

The coronavirus has a firm grasp on Germany and Europe. The restrictive measures aimed at slowing down the further spread of the virus impose considerable constraints on public life. Everyone is affected by this – each and every one of us personally, but also, we as a company.

As an international logistics enterprise, we have a social responsibility especially in these times. It is our duty to keep product chains and supply chains going, to secure supplies. Our clients count on this.

At the end of February, we created a central crisis task force which plans the necessary measures to be taken and coordinates all local crisis units (local crisis units can find all the information they need here; please contact to receive access rights). Our top priority is the health of our workforce. To protect them,

  • we have stepped up our hygiene regulations,
  • we introduced splitting up clusters in offices as well as mobile working wherever possible,
  • we recommend that traveling and the personal attendance at external events be refrained from,
  • we recommend that internal events and meetings be held virtually or be reduced to a minimum
  • and we created pandemic contingency plans at all locations.

As a family business, we are well aware of the challenges that arise from having to reconcile your family with your job. Many of our colleagues are parents facing their own personal trials following the closure of schools and child daycare centres. It is a given for us to offer our help and support to them.

We have continuously adapted and further developed our measures and guidelines in view of the current developments over the past few months. Until the Covid-19 pandemic is over, we will continue to follow this path and always react “fast and focused” in view of the current situation.

The task ahead of us is beyond any doubt a big one. That is why we stick together at Fiege. Together with our clients and business partners, #wekeepitrunning.

Below we are addressing our employees, as well as our clients and business partners in particular. Clicking on the respective link will redirect you to the pertinent information.


Information for employees

Dear Colleagues,

Our central crisis task force, together with the local crisis units, are developing measures on a daily basis which aim to safeguard your health and slow down the spread of the coronavirus. Also, in light of the current situation, we would like to give you the flexibility you may need on a personal level. We are therefore communicating our offers to you here once again. Detailed and up-to-date information is also available in our Extranet

Looking after family members and flexible work options

We will support those who have to organise their childcare themselves with flexible working hours, mobile working options, flexible arrangements regarding shift models and the possibility to work on Saturdays. Together with the works council we have created an orientation guideline for this which aims to safeguard your health and slow down the spread of the coronavirus. Also, we would like to give you the flexibility you may need on a personal level. Please reach out to your superior if this is a matter of concern to you.

Strict hygiene regulations on the job

For your personal safety, we urgently ask that you comply with the following hygiene regulations:

  • practice proper coughing and sneezing etiquette
  • wash your hands regularly and thoroughly (20-30 seconds)
  • avoid handshakes
  • social distancing: be sure to stand apart from others
  • avoid unnecessary contacts
  • the wearing of a mask that covers the mouth and nose
  • regular airing (five minutes per hour)

If you notice any symptoms, we ask that as a matter of precaution you stay at home and seek medical advice by telephone. If you are unsure, consult the information made available online by the health authorities or by the Robert Koch Institute.

For more detailed information, please reach out to your superior or the central crisis unit at


Information for clients and business partners

Dear clients, dear business partners,

As a dependable business partner we consider it our duty to uphold our operations even in times of crisis, to prevent delivery and supply bottlenecks. You can depend on our taking all the necessary measures for this.

For this very reason, crisis units have convened at central and local level which coordinate the implementation of our contingency plan and, if need be, adjust it to the regional situation on site at our locations. All processes are closely monitored so that we can respond immediately, if this becomes necessary.

Emergency warehouses to uphold supply

To secure production and supply chains for critical goods, we have set up special emergency warehouses. This concerns, for example, pharmaceutical and medical supplies as well as food and crucial production materials. At the warehouse in Apfelstädt near Erfurt as well as other warehouses, special safety and hygiene regulations apply. Stored products are prioritised and if needed, will be distributed to the different locations in a manner that is strategically expedient. We can access a GDP-certified transport network via our HealthCare business unit for the transportation of goods.

Free service matches up vacant warehouse capacities

As a further step in our contingency concept we have repurposed the Flexfillment online portal. The platform matches up vacant warehouse capacities, a service made available free of charge to logisticians and shipping agents. This is to help optimise supply chains, reduce transport routes and avoid vacant spaces.

If you have questions regarding the current status of operations, please reach out to your account manager.