On a par with Google, Bosch and Bridgestone: EU distinguishes Fiege as an Open Innovation Challenger

European Commission produces annual ranking

Madrid, 16. December 2019. Startup Europe Partnership (SEP), an initiative by the European Commission, has again distinguished Fiege as an Open Innovation Challenger. For the fourth year running, start-ups from across Europe have nominated the most active corporates in Open Innovation for the Corporate Startup Stars Awards. After 2018, Fiege is being distinguished for the second time in a row. The annual ranking also includes multinationals like Google, Nestlé, or Bridgestone. Next to Fiege, a further three German enterprises were distinguished: Bosch, Daimler, and SAP.

“The fact that we may accept this award again is a wonderful acknowledgement of our journey to anchor innovation as a firm element in our corporate culture”, says Michael Geers, Corporate Development, who represented Fiege at the award ceremony. “As a family-owned company in this long line-up of renowned multinationals, we feel pride in being distinguished as an innovator.” Andreas Pott, Director Corporate Development at Fiege, emphasises: “Innovation is a strategic priority at Fiege and many people at our company drive this field. Our colleagues focus on new ideas at many of our locations, initiate pilot projects and even develop new business segments.”

The annual ranking of the European Corporate Startup Stars is drawn up by Nesta, an innovation advisory firm, and the innovation foundation Nesta under the European Commission’s Startup Europe Partnership initiative. 36 European enterprises were awarded in Madrid on 10 December.

Mariya Gabriel, EU Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth commented: “A sustainable eco-system of innovation in Europe requires both start-ups that are able to grow both dimensionally and internationally, as well as established corporates that are able to innovate.” More and more companies in Europe are becoming aware of this.

Alberto Onetti, Chairman of Mind the Bridge and Coordinator of the Startup Europe Partnership (SEP) confirmed: “Open Innovation is finally taking off in Europe. We see more and more companies active in corporate venturing. However, it is hard to get it right. We believe that the companies doing this well should be recognised as trailblazers and hope that they inspire others to follow suit. That’s why we gather data annually to identify and signal best practices.”

During the award ceremony, Mind the Bridge and Nesta unveiled new research titled The Status of Open Innovation in Europe. This report leverages the data from the top 36 companies that have been recognised in Europe as active Open Innovation organisations. The report also provides an in-depth analysis on how innovation leaders are evolving the way to work with start-ups. More specifically, the research profiles the approaches to Open Innovation by assessing both internal conditions (strategy, organisation, processes, culture) as well as external outcomes (actions and results).


The FIEGE Group, headquartered in Greven in Westphalia (Germany), is one of Europe’s most innovative logistics companies. A workforce of over 23,000 employed at 133 locations based in 16 countries back FIEGE and its international operations in core markets across all of Europe, and all the way to Asia. FIEGE is a fifth-generation family business that is regarded as a pioneer of contract logistics. Its modular solutions in Logistics, Digital Services, Real Estate and Ventures form the essence of its business activities. In 2021, the FIEGE Group generated 1.8 billion euros in turnover while overseeing more than four million square metres of logistics space.