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Magazine No. 94 / 2021

Magazine No. 94 / 2021

Everything in motion: How FIEGE faces today’s challenges while shaping tomorrow’s logistics

Rarely has there been a time with more going on. The world – including the world of logistics – keeps turning faster and faster. Megatrends like digitalisation and sustainability are crucial drivers. eCommerce is booming. Logistical capacities are few and far between. And co-operating with start-ups continues to hold a central role. The latest instalment of the LOGO magazines features an interview with the Chairmen of our Executive Board, Jens and Felix Fiege, who recently received the “Family Entrepreneur of the Year” award. In this interview, they tell us more about how FIEGE handles today’s many challenges, outline the opportunities hidden therein, and explain why FIEGE is well prepared for the future.

More topics in this magazine:


  • Multi-faceted know-how for pharmaceuticals and medical instrumentation
  • It pays to learn from clients
  • Solving the issue of food waste
  • FIEGE rolls up its sleeves


  • New shipping service for the First Mile
  • To grow and to prosper
  • A fresh new look for the FIEGE Campus
  • One app for all seasons
  • FIEGE gifts its favourite jersey
  • More space for fashion, healthcare, and consumer goods

Innovation and Sustainability

  • Pioneering eco-logistics for a quarter of a century
  • Intelligent transport optimisation
  • FAST & FORWARD 2021: “Together on a mission!”
  • Sustainable start
  • Automated overnight stocktaking

People at FIEGE

  • Inclusion despite restricting abilities
  • News from the Far East
  • Girl power at FIEGE
  • Employee survey: Because every opinion matters
  • FIEGE Academy goes big and digital


  • FIEGE delivers for LANDI
  • Responsibility for man and nature