Fiege complies with ISO 13485 for healthcare

The Fiege Group complies with ISO 13485 at its healthcare location in Münster. The certification confirms an operational quality management for the production of, and trade with, medical products.

Münster location awarded Dekra certificate

Münster, 21st December 2016. The Fiege Group has been awarded the ISO 13485 certificate at its healthcare facility in Münster, meeting Quality Management requirements relating to medical technology. The focal point of the ISO standard is product safety and the establishment of a risk management system. The logistics provider Fiege thus meets demanding national as well as international requirements in terms of safety and reliability of medical products. During a two-day audit, Dekra checked Fiege’s compliance with a comprehensive list of specifications.

Customer satisfaction through reliability

“Not only do we store our customers’ products, we also check medical products and process them further”, says Göran Thälker, head of Quality Management at Fiege. He adds: “The fact that our activities add value for our customers is indeed special for us as a logistics provider in the healthcare sector.” The certification is of crucial importance for Thälker: “This standard is incredibly important for us because now, we can cater specifically to the requirements of our customers. At the same time, it is possible for us to maintain, if not to improve, the stability of medical process flows with our management system.”

Error reports are one of the main challenges within healthcare, says Thälker. “A low error rate during daily operations is very important to us”, says Carina Haverstreng, who manages the healthcare branch for Fiege. Reliability in this segment is crucial for the customer’s satisfaction.

Relevance of specialised certifications growing

“Our experience in the pharmaceutical field has meant that authorities have audited us repeatedly over the past years. Through an active exchange with the industry we established that specialised certifications have an ever-growing value for medical technicians”, says branch manager, Carina Haverstreng about the reasons that led to the certification of the Münster location. To guarantee an optimal process flow, the logistics provider Fiege audits its suppliers. Potential suppliers are audited in relation to their performance before being awarded a task.

About the

The Fiege Group, headquartered in Greven/ Germany, is one of Europe’s leading logistics providers. Its competence lies particularly in the development and realisation of integrated supply chain systems, and it is considered a pioneer of contract logistics. In 2019, the Group generated a turnover of Euro 1.7 billion world-wide with a workforce of 19,000 people. 150 locations and co-operations based in 14 countries form a dense supply-chain network. 3.3 million square metres of warehouse and logistics space vouch for the company’s efficiency.