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Martina Schlottbom’s story

Everything is always in motion here. Ideas are often conceptualised or evolve into projects, which always creates something fresh. If I had to describe FIEGE in one word, what comes to mind is “developer”.

I have been with the company for more than 18 years. For the last eight years, my primary focus has been on HR management. My responsibilities include wonderful, group-wide strategic projects. And that can be a challenging task when, for example, the entire Group conducts a 360° Feedback project in ten different languages. Recruiting and supporting managers plus personnel development are also part of my profile. From A for assessment, to Z for Zen, the field of responsibilities within HR management is very large. HR marketing, where we currently concentrate on positioning of the employer, remains a further important topic. As the head of human resources at system headquarters, working with and supporting its headcount of 250 people is a real joy. You need to juggle many balls at the same time. But that is what makes it so appealing. I have had the fortune to experience and accompany many changes here at FIEGE firsthand. And not a single day has been boring. After ten years I thought: “Where has time gone?”.

I studied languages after my Abitur. I then went on to work as an assistant at an HR consultancy in Düsseldorf. As a native Münsterlander, I wanted to return to my origins at some point. Back in Münster, I worked as an HR manager for a start-up – that was a really exciting time. I then came across this inviting vacancy. The only application I wrote went out to FIEGE and proved successful. In the position as assistant to the Chairman of the Board I was tasked with many diverse, generalist responsibilities, such as taking care of executive personnel. I like people and need them around me, to interact with and come up with ideas and solutions. Good team spirit is very important to me. And a good sense of humour goes a long way. Working here is, simply put, great fun.