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Interview with Szymon Amanowicz
  • Szymon Amanowicz
  • team leader
  • with FIEGE in Neuss since 2014


How did you come to FIEGE?

After my graduation, I started working right away. I did not exactly know what to do and so I decided to start with working in the retail area. At 22, I realized that I wanted to achieve more. That was why I applied for a training position at FIEGE on my own initiative.

And then you started your training at FIEGE?

Exactly, the application phase was already over, but the human resources department invited me anyway. During the interview, I must have been convincing, I guess. I received the acceptance and the training contract a week later. Since 2014, I have been working here; I completed my training as a warehouse logistics specialist and have been the team leader for a year now.

You became a team leader immediately after completing your training?

I was positively surprised, too. I knew that I got something in me but that showed me once again that people really trust me and my effort during my training has been worth it.

FIEGE, that’s me! We are a very young team and I am allowed to make my own decisions here.

Why do you like coming to work?

My work is exciting and I have new challenges every day. As we have many international employees, my English has also become very good. That is a plus.

How many languages do you speak in total?

German, English and Polish. Polish is my mother tongue. I was born in Poland and came to Germany in 1996 at the age of four. I learned German from kindergarten onwards. My mother used to let me read aloud in the evenings when I was a child and that encouraged me a lot. For my parents it was clear that we wanted to stay in Germany and build up something.

How would you describe the atmosphere in your team?

We are a very young team and we get along very well with each other. We often meet in private. Even if some people think it is just a saying… FIEGE is like family. When we meet in a cafe, we are sometimes 20 people and have fun together.

How do you feel in your position as a team leader?

Quite well by now. At the beginning, I was very nervous and afraid of making mistakes. When you become a supervisor immediately after your training, some colleagues take a closer look at you. Today, I feel more confident and I know that people trust me.

What is your balance to work?

I am a huge fan of series and have already seen almost every series on Netflix.

What is your favorite series?

Game of Thrones. That is just the best I have seen.

Why is FIEGE the right choice for you?

We are a very young team and I am allowed to make my own decisions here. There are also many career prospects. I am motivated because I know that FIEGE appreciates my efforts adequately.