Black Friday: Fiege ships 2.35 million parcels

Ten-times higher volume of orders processed

Greven. Black Friday is a sales driver for e-tailers as well as brick-and-mortar retailers. Logistics companies have long circled the day on their calendars in red, as it rings in the busiest time of the year. Major discounts generate a very large number of orders and the teams at the logistics centres work at full speed to process them. Black Friday also saw many office employees assist their colleagues with picking, packing and shipping the parcels. In Ibbenbüren, even the Chairman of the Executive Board, Felix Fiege, gave a helping hand. In an interview, Christoph Mangelmans, Managing Director Omnichannel Retail at Fiege, looks back at 2019’s Black Friday.

What does Black Friday mean for logistics companies?

“Black Friday is by far the day with the highest number of orders. It marks the start of the Christmas season which for logistics people like us is the absolute peak time of year. The relevance of Black Friday has been increasing for both online retailers and brick-and-mortar retailers year-on-year, as its popularity continues to grow. Over the past five years, online business has grown more and more on Black Friday and in some cases sales have even doubled. Over five million items left our warehouses on Black Friday – that is about ten times the volume that leaves our hubs during a regular week.”

How did you prepare for this?

“The arrangements put into place for this day – bearing in mind that nowadays, Black Friday is more often than not a whole week, followed by Cyber Monday – have been running at full speed for months. Additional staff are employed and need to be trained and prepped. On top of that, the IT systems need to be readied for the run of shoppers. On these days, we need to process multiple times the volume that we process normally, at the usual high quality that our clients expect from us.”

What is your summary of this year’s Black Friday?

“The sheer number of orders that reached us was overwhelming: over 2.35 million parcels were processed. Demand was specifically high this year for kitchen appliances, textiles, and electronics. We owe our employees tremendous respect for this achievement. And a big thank you. The last days have been rather challenging. And the stress levels will continue right through till Christmas – but that is a good thing. As Santa’s helpers we are fully aware of why we are doing this: to ensure that there are many happy faces around the Christmas tree.”


The FIEGE Group, headquartered in Greven in Westphalia (Germany), is one of Europe’s most innovative logistics companies. A workforce of over 23,000 employed at 133 locations based in 16 countries back FIEGE and its international operations in core markets across all of Europe, and all the way to Asia. FIEGE is a fifth-generation family business that is regarded as a pioneer of contract logistics. Its modular solutions in Logistics, Digital Services, Real Estate and Ventures form the essence of its business activities. In 2021, the FIEGE Group generated 1.8 billion euros in turnover while overseeing more than four million square metres of logistics space.