Largest rooftop solar power system in Hesse goes into operation at Fiege in Dieburg

Dieburg. The largest rooftop solar power system in the Land of Hesse has been installed at the Fiege Dieburg branch. The photovoltaic unit went operational in April. It supplies sustainable power not only for the facility that Fiege runs for its tire client, Pirelli, but also for up to 1,100 households. Jens Deutschendorf, State Secretary for the Economy and Energy of the Land of Hesse ceremoniously inaugurated the solar power system on Friday, 5 July.

“We are very proud that this project could be realized by Max-Solar and Union Investment on the roof of our Dieburg site”, said Stephan Wittenbrink, Managing Director overseeing tire logistics at Fiege. “Fiege has always been committed to the environment and sustainability. I am therefore extremely pleased that, next to this huge solar power system, we installed two charging points for electric vehicles for our visitors and employees to use.”

The rooftop solar power plant produces 6.5 gigawatt hours of renewable energy per year. A four-person household living in a single-family home consumes approximately 4,000 kilowatt hours of power each year. The energy collected by the rooftop system in Dieburg could therefore produce sufficient power to supply 1,625 households for one year.

At the same time, 3,193 tons of CO2 emissions are avoided annually, which is equivalent to CO2 emissions produced by around 17 million kilometres driven by car. This capacity makes the Dieburg solar power plant one of Germany’s five largest rooftop systems, as confirmed by Germany’s Federal Network Agency, the Bundesnetzagentur.

“This new system sets new standards in terms of area and output. It impressively demonstrates that solar power generation Made in Germany is technically feasible on a large scale. The drastic reduction in costs over the past years means that these systems can be implemented on a financially sensible and competitive scale by now”, said Hesse’s State Secretary for the Economy and Energy, Jens Deutschendorf in his address during the inauguration of the solar power unit. “Against this background, your project is a genuine showcase, and I am convinced that more companies will want to follow suit.”


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