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Interview with Boris Awdejew
  • Boris Awdejew
  • Head of Information Security & Group Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  • With FIEGE since August 2020


My name is Boris Awdejew, I am 37 years old and I studied technical computer science. Originally I come from the technical corner, e.g. I have already programmed robots. In my professional career I focused on information security and data protection. Directly after my studies I started as a consultant in the field of security consulting. Among other things, I worked as an external analyst for large mobile phone providers and for other renowned companies in Germany. After that, I changed sides and took an internal position. As Chief Information Security Officer of a wholesale company, I was responsible for all aspects of information security. At FIEGE, I am now Head of Information Security & CISO.


FIEGE is a big player in the logistics industry. My previous employer also belongs to this industry, which meant that I already knew FIEGE as an industry colleague. Even back then, I was involved with logistics processes, warehouse management, etc. and therefore wanted to stay in the industry.


At FIEGE, I have two main tasks. Information security is viewed from two angles: First, with the goal of operational excellence. Our core processes in logistics depend on IT. So, in order for IT to function properly, we need information security. In this sense, information security and IT quality management are similar. From the other perspective, we have customer requirements in terms of information security. The Healthcare Business Unit is particularly sensitive in terms of information security, but so are Omnichannel Retail and Consumer Goods. In summary, these are compliance requirements, be it contractual provisions with existing customers or legal requirements, e.g., regarding the protection of employee data. In addition, FIEGE actively participates in tenders. Nowadays, information security requirements (e.g. in accordance with ISO 27001) can be found in almost every one of these tenders and have meanwhile established themselves as standard. Against this background, we are currently establishing an Information Security Management System (ISMS) in accordance with ISO 27001.


FIEGE is specifically focusing on cloud computing and artificial intelligence. We operate technologies with artificial intelligence, for example, by detecting attacks from outside. Several sources of information have to be evaluated at the same time and this is not feasible with human skills alone due to the volume. Therefore, diverse sources are merged, evaluated and ultimately told whether it looks like a cyber attack or not. With the help of artificial intelligence, this data can be evaluated in real time and acted upon accordingly. In addition, we use technologies in the warehouses that are referred to as the Internet of Things. I enjoy being in touch with modern technologies at FIEGE.


Besides reading various articles and books, I take part in various events. For me personally, it is important to exchange ideas with colleagues in the industry. In order to keep my approaches up-to-date and secure them, I need sparring partners. For example, there are various events where I can exchange ideas with other experts. I have already been a speaker and moderator at several of them. I don’t just do this in Germany, I was also a member of the CISO Circle at the Gartner Conference in London, for example. This enables me to ensure an exchange on an international level.
In addition, I was given the honor of sitting on the jury of the Cyber Security Start Up Cup as a representative of FIEGE. At the event in Germany, companies have the opportunity to present their own young entrepreneurs. The jury included CEOs of large companies, who evaluated these start-ups in terms of practical applicability. I noticed that more than half of the start-ups were in the direction of digital identity. It could simply be described as protection against “theft of a digital identity”. We are also pursuing the topic of digital identity in the FIEGE IT world.

How would you describe the working atmosphere in your team?

The atmosphere is motivating, dynamic and very goal-oriented. FIEGE is a family-run company and I can feel that. The goal is to develop the company sustainably. In this respect, all colleagues are interested in making a difference and taking FIEGE a step forward. I very much appreciate the proactive cooperation with my team. I see less formalism here and more practical orientation. This is the first time I have seen this at the management as well as employee level in a company. I feel the active interest of the management level in the work and that also boosts motivation.

Finally, please describe fiege in one word.

Vital. I’ve already gotten to know a few companies in my professional career. Every company either develops upwards or downwards. Compared to FIEGE, I have yet to experience a company that is going uphill in such a great way. I would like to be part of this success story. Because FIEGE is very lively and colorful. There are different warehouses, some of which are a universe of their own and have different focuses as well as security requirements. In the meantime, I have gained a feeling for perceiving these differences and understanding how FIEGE works.
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