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Interview with Annegret Floer-Fischer
  • Annegret Floer-Fischer
  • warehouse worker at packaging
  • with FIEGE in Greven Reckenfeld since 2010

Mrs Floer-Fischer, what do you do here at FIEGE?

I do quite a few things here, but more specifically I operate forklifts and work in order picking as well as packaging – I basically do everything that is part of warehousing.

What profession did you learn?

I originally come from a totally different field. I trained as a sales assistant specialising in fragrances. I did my training between the age of 15 and 18. In those days it took place at a chemist’s shop.

How did you find yourself in your current job with FIEGE?

I loved the job I had back then, but for personal reasons I returned to where I was born, to Greven. I then tried to get a job here that I’d enjoy. I love machines and everything that has to do with engines. That’s a match for me at FIEGE that I can actively indulge in.

How did you take notice of FIEGE as an employer?

I browsed newspapers to see what I could do. I was 50 years old at the time and a single mother and had to be realistic about what was possible. I then joined a temping agency that FIEGE was working with, which was looking for employees for its warehouse in Reckenfeld. After six months I changed into a new area and my boss never let me go again. I then terminated my contract with the temping agency and started directly at FIEGE.

Do you regret changing?

Not at all, this is where I can do my thing. Whenever I feel the need for change at work, or if I prefer to operate the forklift for a day rather than pack things, it’s never a problem. Everything is quite flexible here.

How was it for you to switch over to such a different kind of working environment?

That was quite a change, especially the working hours. I was used to starting at 9 am and suddenly had to be up and ready to roll for 6 in the morning. My entire routine changed, which completely threw my rhythm. Initially it was a real problem because my body did not play along. But FIEGE gave me the possibility to sync my working hours to suit my life. I now work part-time from 8 am to 2.30 pm.

I enjoy versatility, and I have that here to a large degree.

Do you consider working at FIEGE exciting?

Yes, because I constantly experience it in a new way. I can do many things slightly differently every day. Not everything is set in stone, and I enjoy considerable freedom here. I can work with machines and take care of issues as a member of the works council. I enjoy versatility, and I have that here to a large degree. Each day is different.

Do you value the interaction here?

Absolutely! Otherwise I would have long been gone. If I find myself in a situation that is not good for me, I quickly end things and leave. But there is no need for that here: My colleagues are great, and I get along really well with them. Naturally, there is friction every now and then, but it works. I also get along well with our branch manager. Whenever there is an important matter, it’s never a problem to see him.

What do you do in your free time to balance your life?


And when the weather is like it is now in November?

Motorcycling. (smiles)

Throughout the whole year? Even when there is snow?

The only time I don’t take the bike is when there is black ice on the roads. My partner drives around 40,000 kilometres a year with his motorbike and I am currently on the road as his pillion passenger. This Saturday we’re off on a big tour again.

Do you also have a permit?

I have a motorbike permit and next year will try to get my own bike again. But being a pillion passenger has its benefits, too and that is balance enough for me.

Would you advise any of your friends or acquaintances to apply for a job at FIEGE?

I already did. Multiple times.

One final question: If you had to describe FIEGE in a single word, what would that be?