Christmas campaign: Fiege employees make children’s wishes come true

Gifts handed to deprived children living in Greven and Münster

Greven, 22nd December 2017. Employees from Fiege donated over 140 Christmas gifts for deprived children to various facilities in Greven and Münster. Since 1st December, the hand-painted wish lists of the children had been hanging in the shape of Christmas baubles from the Christmas tree at the main office of the family business. Fiege employees took these hand-painted wish lists, organised the gifts and wrapped them up. This week then saw representatives from the youth welfare unit, Kids & Co. Greven; from the child and youth welfare service, Outlaw from Greven; the Association of Social Therapeutic Facilities, VSE; from Evangelische Jugendhilfe Münsterland and the Emsdetten-Greven Caritas association come to Fiege to collect the gifts for the children.

“It was at times very heart-warming to read the modest wishes of these children”, said the Executive Board member, Jens Fiege while handing over the gifts. “Many very simple things, like winter clothing and shoes. I found that very touching.” And the employees who supported this campaign for the second time now, felt the same way. “Most lists were quickly snapped up after hanging on the tree for a few days only”, reported Executive Board member, Felix Fiege. Not a single wish went unanswered. “We tabled and distributed the last two-dozen wish lists during a management meeting”, said Felix Fiege. As a result, even the very last requests for fan memorabilia, toys or household items were fulfilled.

During the meeting with the Executive Board members and representatives of the Josef Fiege Foundation who had organised the Christmas campaign, the social workers from the different facilities spoke of how they hand over the gifts. “All of us, we get together on Friday and the gifts are then presented”, said Lena Langweg from Caritas. Others take the gifts directly to the families. “For some children, the gift that you give is the only one underneath the Christmas tree on Christmas eve for them”, said Hedwig Laufer from Outlaw in Greven.

All presents are destined for children coming from difficult family situations, where these social facilities provide support. “I would like to thank all of you warmly, for helping these children – throughout the entire year”, said Jens Fiege. “If this campaign gives us the opportunity to help a little, then we are very happy to do so and look forward to helping again next year”, added Felix Fiege. Multiple locations participated in this year’s campaign. Last week, parcels containing gifts reached the main office in Greven almost daily.


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