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Fiege recruits five refugees from Afghanistan for Dieburg

On 1st February, the refugees Sharif Mansouri (seated, from left), Ebrahim Zamani, Muhammed Harun Momand, Nawid Mangal and Jafar Golami from Afghanistan had their first day at Fiege Logistik in Dieburg. They were welcomed by Fiege employees Andrea Berres (standing, from left), Hamza Mohamed, Sandra Trautmann, Reinhard Hammann and Philipp Nolte.

Introductory training as warehouse logistics specialist

Dieburg, 7th February 2017. Five refugees from Afghanistan took up their introductory training to become a warehouse logistics specialist at Fiege’s Dieburg branch in early February. The young men aged between 19 and 24 will work at the company on three days of the week, while attending EQplus classes held at the Hessian industry’s education organisation, the Bildungswerk der hessischen Wirtschaft, in Dieburg on the other two days. They will learn German and be given specialised classes. “At the company, each refugee has been assigned a sponsor in their department who is always available as a contact person”, says Andrea Berres from the personnel department in Fiege Dieburg.

Vocational training position is the goal

Other colleagues supporting the case made by Berres in support of the refugee project at Fiege in Dieburg included Philipp Nolte, Sandra Trautmann, Reinhard Hammann, Hamza Mohamed and Natalie Schnaars. The goal is to facilitate the start of the refugees’ professional career. Over a period of seven months, the refugees are to obtain the qualification required for them to start vocational training, which they are to take up at Fiege on 1st September. Fiege’s primary focus in Dieburg is tyre logistics. Here, Fiege stores, picks, packs and dispatches tyres of all sizes for brands like Pirelli. With the motto “Diversity in Motion”, Fiege has been advocating the integration of refugees at numerous locations. So far, over 40 refugees have been placed Germany-wide.


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