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We prepare your warehouse for Logistics 4.0

Nothing is changing the face of logistics like digital transformation. Automated systems and robotics are also being used more and more frequently to assist the on-site workforce. But where to start – and where to end? Driven by technical progress, we will show you how digitalisation and automation can help optimise your process flows.  


  • Smart automation: The right equipment will render your flows more efficient, simplify logistical activities and lower error rates. 
  • Digital process optimisation: Our transparently structured IT systems help you stay on top of things and ensure fast and smooth communication with your customers.


Always on the pulse of time

Since we continuously screen the market, we are always in the know about current developments. We pilot promising automation solutions at our branches based on a trial-and-error approach and, if successful, roll them out across the board. We also co-operate with start-ups from the LogTech scene via our Ventures unit.

Our solutions

Modular Automation Concepts

From traditional conveyor belts to autonomous robots, our solutions comprise various levels of autonomy, which we apply to the respective project as needed. This means we can automate and interconnect your processes either in part or in full.

Operational Excellence

Technology meets lean management: With our interdisciplinary expertise, we ensure operational excellence that gives you a real competitive advantage in terms of efficiency, quality and flexibility.

Maximum Transparency

myFIEGE, our centralised digital portal, gives you a direct inside account of all processes. On top of this, you can manage your services, add new ones and communicate with us quickly and directly.

Here, there and everywhere: These brands already enjoy international success with our help.

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