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Be Kapten. Kapten & Son markets fashionable watches, backpacks and bags as well as computer glasses, prescription glasses and sunglasses under this slogan. Founded in Münster in 2014, the German start-up is now headquartered in Cologne and is one of Europe’s fastest-growing accessories brands. FIEGE has been on board since 2020 and handles fulfilment for almost all product groups.

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Order volumes called for support

Johannes Theobald embarked on an unexpectedly successful journey eight years ago. Together with his fellow students Artjem Weissbeck and Fabian Deventer, he designed a watch that met their own expectations in terms of style and quality. But the watch also appealed to many others, which is why the three founded Kapten & Son in 2014. The one-time start-up has quickly grown into a flourishing D2C business. "When you grow as fast as we did, the main challenge is to spot potential bottlenecks as soon as possible," explains the CEO. 

And for Kapten & Son, this included their logistics. With exemplary influencer marketing that collaborates with content creators like Lena Gercke or Pamela Reif, the order volume exploded in no time. “Quite simply, it was no longer possible to pack the parcels ourselves. We therefore decided to focus on product design and our sales pitch and leave fulfilment to an outside partner,” Theobald says.

Successful project ramp-up

Kapten & Son found FIEGE in 2020 when looking for a new service provider. “It was important to us to find a partner that offers a professional service level which meets our customers’ expectations,” the CEO adds. The second condition was a long-term growth prospect. 

Kapten & Son contracted the Greven-based logistics company, which then housed operations within its multi-user centre in Ibbenbüren. “FIEGE handles the storage, fulfilment, and returns management for almost all of our product groups. Besides our trending watches, this now also includes jewellery, backpacks, bags, sunglasses and computer glasses as well as other accessories,” Theobald reveals. The product range is shipped across the whole of Europe.

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European expansion

Co-ordination with FIEGE always takes the shape of an open exchange on an equal footing. Alongside eCommerce operations, which are becoming increasingly relevant also for the lifestyle segment, Kapten & Son has created a further pillar with retail stores based in Germany, Austria and soon also in the Netherlands. “Currently, we are working on tying the online customer journey even more strongly into the offline experience. We also want to become more international within Europe,” Theobald says, detailing his plans. There are many reasons to be excited about the ideas that Kapten & Son will soon conjure up.

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