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WERNS, ruler of animal kingdom. Since the end of 2021, the young designer brand from Münster has been marketing their extravagant products from the animal kingdom across the whole of Europe. The label has been harnessing the logistical know-how of FIEGE for its bourgeoning online shop.

The right idea at the right time.

Stepping into the showroom is like stepping into another universe. It feels a bit like a visit to a zoo with lamps. Monkeys, leopards, giraffes, seals. They’re all lit up and they all have a name: Franz Josef, Lucie, Leopold or Otto. The zookeeper, so to speak, is 29-year old David Voß, who called the WERNS brand to life together with Alexandra Gördes as the co-managing director. 

They first toyed with the idea in 2020 after which the project continually grew. Things really started sizzling in 2021. “In December, our online shop went live. The process is thus still very fresh, but really picked up speed due to Covid-19”, David explains.


New challenges for B2C transactions.

WERNS arose from the interior design brand Werner Voß, which has been marketing exclusive design items for the B2B market since 1986. “Strictly speaking, we are the sub-brand and something of the creative playground where we can go wild”, David explains. But more importantly, WERNS is a consumer brand, which is why the business model had to switch to B2C process flows.

To simplify this step, WERNS went looking for a partner with experience in eCommerce who had already successfully collaborated with start-ups. FIEGE convinced with a convenient programme for novices: “Thanks to FIEGE NOW, we were able to initiate our online shop fast and inexpensively without taking any great risks. Flexibility and agility were central assets here”, David says.

Animals migrate all over Europe.

Currently, WERNS receives a good 500 orders every month. “In perspective, we naturally are aiming to increase this figure many times over”, David adds. FIEGE oversees the zoo of lamps in Apfelstädt in Thuringia, from where the animal eye-catchers migrate to all 27 EU countries. WERNS has not regretted partnering with FIEGE: “I have nothing but praise for FIEGE. The exchange is close and trustful, the mutual understanding is there. And the primary focus for our solution-centric business transactions is always the end customer”, David says.


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