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MANN+HUMMEL is the world’s market leader for filter technology. Its biggest production site worldwide is found in Marklkofen, Bavaria, which is also where FIEGE operates its Suppliers’ Logistics Centre, or LLZ. The LLZ is located within a property the logistics company built especially for the filter specialist. The well-rehearsed team has already visibly increased delivery reliability for the supply of production.

Logistics meets real estate

Stefan Hausbeck has poured his heart into this project. Ever since the invitation to tender, he has been in charge of the LLZ for MANN+HUMMEL. Before that, the filter specialist had been responsible for storage, which saw him manage several external warehouses. “The factory’s growth was developing at such a rate that more capacities and new structures became necessary in order to make material flows more efficient,” he recalls. 

When the time came to find a partner to operate the planned LLZ, MANN+HUMMEL approached Europe’s top providers only. Contract logistician FIEGE came out on top, also because of its in-house Real Estate business unit. “The decisive point for us was being able to have the property designed and built by someone who knew what they were doing in order to avoid structural errors from the very start,” Hausbeck explains.

Produktabbildung Ölfilterelement

Partnership on a par

A mere ten months passed between breaking ground and starting operations. Thanks to short decision-making channels, it was possible to finetune the project even during the later stages of its development. “We decided fairly last minute to connect the LLZ to production via a driverless transport line. FIEGE came up with a solution for this, too, really fast,” Hausbeck says. 

The LLZ operates around the clock six days of the week and has been in service since summer 2015. Purchased parts and semi-finished products needed to produce original parts for the automotive industry and spared parts by the brand MANN-FILTER for the independent aftermarket are stored there. From the very first hour, those in charge have focused on driving efficiency. “We have automated order generation, advanced shelving and introduced a digital forklift control system. Today, we fulfil all orders in under less than four hours – with a delivery rate of over 99 per cent,” Hausbeck emphasises.  

Since MANN+HUMMEL also supplies the automotive industry, the Greven-based logistics company had to undergo a special VDA 6.2:2017 certification procedure with the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) at its site in Marklkofen – a first in the world of FIEGE.

Shared vision

Other on-site automation projects are already being toyed with to further lower lead times. This is all the more necessary as MANN+HUMMEL is planning to diversify production in Marklkofen. “Rather than establish a rigid system, we want to evolve by the day. And FIEGE is a partner we can always rely on to assist us along this journey,” Hausbeck comments.

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