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Everyone in Switzerland is familiar with the name LANDI. Along with Lindt, Ricola or Rivella, the retail enterprise is one of the best-known brands in the country. For over 15 years, LANDI has been relying on FIEGE for its national distribution.

How did the collaboration come about?

Daniel Petermann has his hands full. The Head of Logistics at LANDI Schweiz AG is in charge of supplying LANDI’s 270+ shops in the German-speaking part of Switzerland as well as Western Switzerland. “When we invested in our central warehouse in Dotzigen back in 2007, we needed a strategic partner for national distribution and quickly found one in FIEGE. We have not regretted that decision to this day,” says Petermann.

How did the project evolve?

The standards were high. “Depending on their size, LANDI stores have to be supplied between once and three times a week, with up to three trucks needed for each drop,” Petermann points out. Moreover, seasonal peaks in spring and before public holidays are a real challenge. “FIEGE comes with the necessary experience. Its materials planning team and a large share of the logistical and driving crew have been working there for many years,” the Head of Logistics explains.

Landi LKW

So what’s next?

FIEGE has taken over parts of the company’s procurement logistics as well as further services at other locations. As far as planning the logistical property beyond the German border in Lahr is concerned, the real estate experts from Greven have had their fingers in the pie. The collaboration contract was again renewed in 2021 and even in future, FIEGE will be delivering for LANDI – as Petermann explains: “We are both able to push one another to achieve our best and continuously improve.”

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