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eCommerce Solutions

Be successful online across channels with FIEGE!

Alongside a high level of expertise in logistical fulfilment, FIEGE offers you a range of eCommerce backend services for your successful business development. Our focus is on efficient networking of all omnichannel-relevant systems, from order and payment processing to risk and customer management, as well as the provision of a comprehensive range of services.

We see ourselves as an agile partner in the implementation of your omnichannel strategy.

FIEGE offers more than just systems

Our employees make all the difference.

We combine systems with expert knowledge and thereby offer you maximum flexibility with the highest level of customisation. In addition, the use of our services is scalable. From order and payment processing to customer management, you can make flexible use of our services and pay transactionally according to actual expenditure.

Order Management

Scalable and robust services

Don’t let your inventory systems slow you down. Our order management services automatically control the entire order processing without any restrictions on your IT infrastructure. Be agile and future-oriented in the dynamic world of e-commerce.

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In Münster, the threads of FIEGE’s Omnichannel Services come together at our Service and IT Campus. Over 80 employees from various specialist departments are at your service.

Our Teams

We look forward to working with you.

As a service provider, we live from our strong employees and teams. Cross-departmental thinking and efficient cooperation with our colleagues in the fulfilment centres are two of our key success factors.

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Our services in your e-commerce process

This is what we can take care of for you.

  • 1. Online distribution channels

    Your customer orders via one of your online distribution channels

  • 2. Order management system

    Receipt of the order through our order management system (OMS)

  • 3. Order verification

    Order verification at header and item level with regard to completeness and stock availability by the OMS

  • 4. Order documents

    Creation of order documents, e.g., dispatch note, receipt, return slip by the OMS

  • 5. Warehouse management system

    Transfer of the order and optionally the documents to the warehouse management system by the OMS

  • 6. Picking, packing and shipping

    Picking, packing and shipping of the order in one of our FIEGE warehouses

  • 7. Shipment tracking

    Receipt of further information on shipping status and tracking by the OMS

  • 8. Order information mails

    Completion of the order and shipping of order information mails to the end customer

  • 9. Booking

    Booking of the order in accordance with legal accounting basics as a complete debtor sub-ledger

  • 10. Payment transaction

    Payment processing and reconciliation to clear open end-customer items through our receivables management

  • 11. Customer service

    Customer service in the presales, sales and aftersales by our customer service department

Your advantages at a glance

  • Cost-efficient, transactional billing
  • Complexity reduction for international growth (Currencies, Payment Methods, Languages)
  • Flexible and customisable environment outside of our core systems
  • Close links with logistical processes and handling
  • Personal account manager for your strategic development

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