Freight for Fiege: Lufthansa Cargo back on track with first flight from Shenzhen

The first aircraft from Shenzhen to Frankfurt had goods for Fiege on board. Foto: Lufthansa Cargo

High demand for air cargo capacities

Greven, 20 May 2020. The corona crisis continues to up the demand for air cargo capacities. To meet this demand, Fiege partners with Lufthansa Cargo. Effective immediately, up to an additional fourteen cargo flights have been scheduled to fly between Shenzhen and Frankfurt every week. Lufthansa’s first aircraft, an Airbus A330-300, set off today, Monday, from Shenzhen with destination Frankfurt, carrying three million respirator masks and additional medical protective equipment for Fiege.

“Lufthansa Cargo has established itself as a reliable partner over the past weeks and as such has been crucial in sustaining the supply chain from Asia through to Germany. These recent cargo flights from Shenzhen allow us to shape this supply chain even more flexibly, to ensure that urgently needed products reach Germany fast”, Michael Völlnagel, CEO Fiege International Freight Forwarding says.

Since the end of March, up to five aircraft have landed in Germany every day for Fiege, carrying urgently needed equipment from Asia. Over the past weeks, Fiege has moved goods using over 100 chartered planes, which is a new record in the company history of Fiege.

“Lufthansa Cargo is doing everything to strengthen supply certainty by air and uphold supply chains. We are further expanding our offer in order to secure the swift carriage of large volumes of urgently required goods”, Dorothea von Boxberg, Member of the Executive Board of Lufthansa Cargo explains. Currently, all 17 freighters of Lufthansa Cargo are in constant operation, flying for example medical materials to destinations around the world.


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