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Sustainably shaping the logistics of the future

Sustainability at FIEGE

Our commitment beyond the box

Sustainability has a long tradition at Fiege. As a family-run company in its fifth generation, it has always been important to us to pass on a strong and healthy company from one generation to the next.

Sustainability is viewed as a holistic issue at our company. Based on the 3-pillar approach, we take into account the ecological as well as the social and economic components. Thus, it has always been close to our hearts to make a positive contribution to social as well as environmental concerns through our entrepreneurial activities.

Our goal is to pass on the Fiege company to the sixth generation. We would like to achieve this goal by integrating the idea of sustainability even more strongly into our corporate decisions and actions and by holistically orienting our business activities towards sustainability.


Ecology, economy and social responsibility under one roof

Sustainability plays an important role in many areas at Fiege. For us, sustainability is divided into ecologistics and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Ecologistics and CSR are subdivided into our five Core Areas: Sustainable Facilities, Sustainable Processes, Corporate Governance, Corporate Citizenship and Josef Fiege Foundation.



Sustainable Facilities

Construction of cutting-edge, sustainable logistics facilities where FIEGE use materials in a resource-conserving manner as well as optimization of our logistics and office facilities are key to become more sustainable.



Sustainable Processes

As a supply chain service provider, we are responsible for the value chain of several industries and products. Therefore, our daily activities have a high impact on our planet. Starting from resource efficiency at our sites up to climate neutral transport option, we advocate environmental protection and sustainable actions.



Corporate Governance

We establish common principles for responsible and lawful conduct through binding guidelines to secure a safe, equal an ethical environment. These include our Corporate Constitution, Leadership Principles and Code of Conduct.



Corporate Citizenship

We bear responsibility for society as part of society. We see ourselves as a company and employer as well as a citizen as part of society. Corporate citizenship aims to actively invest in the well-being of society using our material resources and moral intentions. Corporate volunteering describes the extracurricular involvement of FIEGE employees.

Josef Fiege Foundation

The Josef Fiege Foundation supports non-profit regional projects with social and ecological concerns through donations. To learn more about the foundation, feel free to visit the Josef Fiege Foundation.


We actively implement our sustainability resolutions

We actively implement our sustainability principles. To this end, we strive to obtain certifications. Focused areas include environment, quality, occupational safety and further social commitment at our sites.

In concrete terms, this means that we not only strictly adhere to climate and environmental guidelines but are also constantly on the lookout for efficient and resource-saving optimizations.

The Quality unit combines all tasks from the specialist areas of occupational safety, fire protection, hazardous goods, hazardous substances and quality- and environmental management. In this way, a holistic networked management system is sustainably put into practice under preventive approaches. The team advises and supports the FIEGE Group in the introduction, maintenance and further development of management systems. Here you will find an overview of our certifications.


If you have any further questions on the subject of corporate sustainability, please do not hesitate to contact us. For updates on sustainability at FIEGE, feel free to read our blog or our article in our Logo Magazin.


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Corporate Sustainability
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Corporate Sustainability


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