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Josef Fiege Stiftung supports social projects with Euro 10,000

Sie stellten bei Fiege in Greven ihre sozialen Projekte vor: Gudrun Bruns (Krebsberatung Münster, 2.v.l.), Jörg Gattenlöhner (Kinderherzen, 4.v.l), Anja Schlarb (Kinderherzen, 3.v.r.), Klara Reckers (Boxzentrum Münster, 2.v.r.) Alfred Messink (l.), Holger Werthschulte (r.) und Anne Bittorf (3.v.r.) von der Josef Fiege Stiftung trafen sich mit den Vertretern der sozialen Einrichtungen.

Five social institutions to receive donations

Greven, 14th December 2017. The Josef Fiege Stiftung has awarded grants in the amount of Euro 10,000 to social projects. The foundation’s governing board recently met with representatives of the beneficiary social institutions. The beneficiary institutions are: the Gymnasium Augustinianum grammar school from Greven; Bunter Kreis e.V. Münsterland from Coesfeld; and three Münster-based organisations, notably Kinderherzen e.V., Krebsberatung Tumor-Netzwerk im Münsterland (TiM) e.V., and Boxzentrum Münster.

“I wish to thank you for your commitment. Each of these projects that you are advancing is quite impressive and such dedication is very important for our society”, said the foundation’s governing board member, Alfred Messink. The representatives of the social projects briefly introduced these. Boxzentrum Münster is dedicated to the prevention of crime and reconciles competitive sports with education for young people. “Before you are allowed to start boxing with us, your grades must add up. We ask for the certificates”, explains Klara Recker from Boxzentrum. The young people are incentivised to perform better at school and are given specific support. The Josef Fiege Stiftung supports the project with Euro 4,000.

Support for projects in Greven and Münster

The Gymnasium Augustinianum grammar school was given the amount of Euro 3,000 for its social learning programmes. Multiple campaigns were staged which brought pupils of all age groups closer on such topics as integration and anti-mobbing – especially on social media platforms. Bunter Kreis e.V. Münsterland provides psychological counselling for parents of critically-ill and chronically-ill children. Krebsberatung TiM offers help to cancer patients and their dependents, especially children and young people. The Josef Fiege Stiftung will support each one of these projects with Euro 1,000.

Euro 1,000 will also go to Kinderherzen e.V. from Münster. The association has set itself the goal to improve the conditions for children’s heart surgery. Each day, 17 children are born in Germany with a heart defect. These children are treated during the first weeks and months of their lives. “As they are still very small, music therapy to improve their vegetative state and emotional well-being is extremely helpful”, explained Jörg Gattenlöhner of Kinderherzen. “Music has a very soothing effect – on the children, but also on the parents.” For Dr. Holger Werthschulte, member of the foundation’s governing board, one thing was clear after the brief introductions: “It is plain to see that you give your all to these projects. We will not lose sight of you and shall continue to support you with your future need for financial assistance.”

About the Josef Fiege Stiftung:
The Josef Fiege Stiftung, a foundation formed in 1998, honours the father of the foundation’s sibling founders, Heinz Fiege and Dr. Hugo Fiege, formerly the owners of the logistics company Fiege, which by now is run by their sons, Jens Fiege and Felix Fiege. The Josef Fiege Stiftung focuses on selected projects with a regional relevance for companies and projects that are closely connected with the commitment of employees of the Fiege Group. The foundation selects beneficiary institutions from such fields as medicine, education, sports, nature, art, culture and employee initiatives. It supports projects that lastingly improve the situation of man and nature.


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