Logistics 4.0 requires greater technical know-how from future logisticians

The branch manager Johannes Hertle (4th from left) showed the Marklkofen location dedicated to industrial logistics to freight forwarding students from Passau.

Vocational trainees from Passau tour Fiege branch in Marklkofen and discuss future challenges

Marklkofen, 16th January 2017. 25 prospective logistics managers undergoing training at the State Vocational College in Passau visited the Fiege location in Marklkofen on Thursday, 12th January. Fiege Logistik extends a range of services to the filtration specialist Mann + Hummel at its industrial logistics facility in Lower Bavaria. The branch manager, Johannes Hertle showed the students from Passau around the location, pointing out the high-bay warehouse as well as the Driverless Transport System (DTS) which connects Mann + Hummel’s production with Fiege’s warehouses.

“High technology is accessing the field of logistics more and more. Our DTS is just one example of how future logisticians will require ever larger technical know-how”, says Johannes Hertle. Hertle discussed future challenges of the logistical profession and keywords such as Logistics 4.0 during the tour with the students.