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Social responsibility: Fiege joins “Wir zusammen” integration network

Greven/Cologne, 10th Mai 2017. The logistics company Fiege has joined the “Wir zusammen” integration network. The “Together” – or “Wir zusammen” – initiative merges integration efforts by German businesses into a network whose members are lastingly committed to integration and aim to promote this subject. For this, the participating enterprises pursue their own integration projects which they validate with dedicated mentoring. The address of the shared online platform is at

Fiege advocates the integration of displaced persons at many locations in different regions, to give prospects to people who fled to Germany to escape terror or war. The motto “Diversity in Motion” headlines the activities which Fiege employees actively support. They all pursue a shared goal: the integration of displaced persons into the Fiege family. In 2016, the company started projects at multiple locations which allow refugees to take a first step into a working environment in Germany with the help of a first work experience or a qualification programme. In addition to preparing them professionally, the development of their language skills is also a crucial goal. If completed successfully, they are given the chance of a vocational training opportunity or employment. This commitment will be continued throughout 2017.

In early April, two refugees employed at Fiege in Ibbenbüren visited the football Bundesliga match between 1. FC Köln and Eintracht Frankfurt together with their mentors. Since 2013 already, FC Köln’s “Mer stonn zo dir!” foundation has been actively involved in helping refugees, and the club joined the “Wir zusammen” network in June 2016. The football club welcomed the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, to the Bundesliga match as a guest of honour, together with some 200 “Wir zusammen” supporters.


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