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Vitos trusts in Fiege Healthcare Logistics

Münster, 10th July 2017. Vitos GmbH, a provider of specialist clinics as well as institutions dedicated to youth welfare and services for the disabled, has teamed up with Fiege Logistik for its supply chain operations. Since early July 2017, Fiege Healthcare has been in charge of operational buying, storage and transport of goods as well as order picking for Vitos.

Münster-based Fiege Healthcare Logistics is specialised in supply chain operations for hospitals, medical technology products and pharmaceuticals. With its dedicated Germany-wide network, Fiege Healthcare can supply every hospital and each homecare patient throughout Germany within a few hours only. Vitos GmbH merges twelve not-for-profit entities headquartered in Hesse.

The sole shareholder is the welfare association of the state of Hesse, the Landeswohlfahrtsverband Hessen. In Hesse, Vitos is the largest provider of out-patient, semi-residential and full in-patient care, whose facilities offer 3,500 beds/spaces for people suffering from mental illness. The neurology and orthopaedic specialist hospitals both have 300 beds combined.

“We are thrilled about the trust placed in us and look forward to the co-operation in the years to come”, says Dirk Berlemann, Managing Director Fiege Healthcare. “By switching over its logistics, Vitos anticipates professional, customer-minded care at a superior level”, says the head of Vito’s central procurement unit, Oliver Kranz.


The FIEGE Group, headquartered in Greven in Westphalia (Germany), is one of Europe’s most innovative logistics companies. A workforce of over 23,000 employed at 133 locations based in 16 countries back FIEGE and its international operations in core markets across all of Europe, and all the way to Asia. FIEGE is a fifth-generation family business that is regarded as a pioneer of contract logistics. Its modular solutions in Logistics, Digital Services, Real Estate and Ventures form the essence of its business activities. In 2021, the FIEGE Group generated 1.8 billion euros in turnover while overseeing more than four million square metres of logistics space.